Display will not wake from sleep mode

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On some zSpace AIO displays, we have found that sometimes zSpace units are not waking up from sleep. You may see the back-light come on but the screen will remain black. We have narrowed this down to the AMD External Events Utility to not properly waking the GPU (graphics) device from sleep. While we work with AMD, the AMD External Events Utility can safely be disabled by following the below instructions. 

  1. Click the Windows Start button, type services, and select the result Services Desktop app as the shown in the following screen shot.
    • Display1.png
  2. Once in the Service window, locate and observe the state of the AMD External Events Utility service, which should show the Status as Running and the Startup Type as Automatic as indicated below.
    • Display2.png
  3. Double-click the AMD External Events Utility service to open the service properties. Change the Startup Type to Disabled and click the Stop button to actually stop the service. Here we show how this will look after the changes
    • Display3.png
  4. Click Apply and OK to make sure the settings are saved.
  5. Back in the Services window, please check the AMD External Events Utility again and you should be able to confirm that Status is blank and Startup Type is Disabled as indicated below.
    • Display4.png
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