zSpace 300 packing unit in original box

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If you need to pack a zSpace 300 unit into its original box, please use these instructions to ensure the unit is properly packed.

Also, please note that the zSpace 300 is shipped wrapped in a plastic cover.  Included inside the plastic covering is a silica gel packet (desiccant packet) to absorb any potential moisture.  

If you are packing the zSpace 300 system for any reason, zSpace recommends to:

  1. Remove the silica gel packet from inside the plastic covering.
  2. Place the zSpace 300 back into the plastic covering.  
  3. Place the zSpace 300 into the box on the bottom foam.
  4. Place the silical gel packet back inside the plastic covering (do not drop).
  5. Proceed to place the top foam packaging, accessories and keyboard boxes,a nd then re-seal the box if necessary.

This procedure will minimize the potential of the silica gel packet breaking open.  When placing the zSpace 300 system back into the plastic covering without removing the silica gel packet, the packet can get caught between the bottom foot of the zSpace 300 and the bottom foam and plastic.  This can cause the silica gel packet to potentially tear open.

If you have further questions, please contact zSpace Customer Support.


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