VESA mounting guidelines for the zSpace 200

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When it comes to mounting the zSpace 200, most universal mounts will work with the prefabricated screw holes in the unit. There are couple of things to consider when when mounting the zSpace display:

How much does my zSpace Display weigh?
Your zSpace unit weighs 8.8kg (17 lbs). Make sure the mount is rated to support at least 20 to 25 lbs.

Can I mount the zSpace Display on a mobile desk?
The zSpace includes a 100mm VESA mount for attachment to a monitor stand. The Mobile desk must counter balance and support the weight of the unit. Most mobile desks are made to be lightweight and mounting a heavy display could cause the desk to be unstable after installation.

If using a VESA Mount, does the Display Angle need to be adjustable?

If using a VESA Mount, the display angle needs to be adjustable from about 30 to 90 degrees to allow you to switch between 3D interaction and 2D viewing.

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