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zSpace has partnered with GeoGebra to bring 3D math into zSpace. For more information on Geogebra, you can visit Geogebra's website at GeoGebra brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one simple package. 

With GeoGebra and zSpace, students can better engage math concepts related to three-dimensional topics while also having access to all of GeoGebra's features. GeoGebra is available to all zSpace users for no charge. 

  • Build 3D shapes
  • Discover cross-sections 
  • Explore math concepts from pre-made, existing curriculum materials on
  • Create new interactive math materials to use in class and to share with others
  • Collaborate with teachers across the US and worldwide through the GeoGebra and zSpace community


*Currently, only Geogebra Classic 5 is currently supported on the zSpace. To download the supported version, please perform the following.

  1. Go to GeoGebra's website at
  2. Locate Geogebra Classic 5. Click the download link.

GeoGebra has also made some sample files available for download. These files are provided as-is directly from GeoGebra.

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