Zone appears frozen

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In certain circumstances, Zone will appear to be frozen after launching an application from a tile shortcut and it appears the application launched doesn’t open.

The Zone application may not actually be frozen, but rather launched the application behind the Zone launcher.

There are a couple reasons this can occur:

  • The Zone application may be unlocked and not in “full screen” mode.
  • Accidentally clicking the mouse or a key on the keyboard right as the tile shortcut is launched. Sometimes this is a result of a "double-click" on the application tile. A single click on the play button of the tile is all that is needed to launch the app.

In either situation, many times you can simply use the built in Windows function of Alt+Tab (if not disabled in Zone settings) to cycle over to the application you launched.

If this did not resolve your issue and you are still experiencing problems, please contact Customer Support.

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