Cleaning and caring for your zSpace hardware

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For best performance, it is important to keep your zSpace eyewear, screen, or other hardware, clean, because dirt or smudges may interfere with the visual experience.

Cleaning the zSpace display and eyewear

  • We recommend a microfiber towel. The microfiber is needed for cleaning the textured surfaces on the zSpace laptop.
  • You may use a typical lens or glass cleaner on both the glasses and zSpace display.
  • Before cleaning, please use air to blow out any hard particles first to avoid scratches.
  • Apply cleaning solution directly to a clean, non-scratching cloth.
  • Clean glasses as needed.
  • Allow to air dry

Sterilization of zSpace Eyewear

You may place the zSpace eyewear in a UV cart or cabinet. An example eyewear cabinet is the Earthwalk Charging Cart, available from zSpace.

Please Note the Following Precautions

  • Never apply the cleaning solution directly to the display or glasses.
  • Please do not immerse the glasses in cleanser as this will damage the glue holding the lenses and tracking markers to the frame
  • Avoid common disposable paper hand towels as they often have abrasive fibers which can damage critical surfaces.
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