Stylus Tracking Test

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The zSpace System Check Stylus Tracking test simply verifies stylus tracking is working on your zSpace System.

Upon launching the test the first thing you will see, if the stylus is not visible by the zSpace, is an image instructing to pick up your stylus.

zSpace stylus tracking test

After picking up your stylus, the test will begin. To complete the test, move the stylus so cross hairs on screen point at each of the 5 targets across the screen.

zSpace tracking test complete

When a target is targeted it will turn from red to green. Once all 5 targets are green the test to pass.

Steps to take to resolve:

  • Run the Head Tracking Test to verify the issue is limited to the stylus.
  • Swap the stylus with another known working stylus, from another zSpace, to check if the issue is with the stylus or 
  • Verify you are using the most recent version of zSpace System Software and verify firmware is up to date.
  • Verify the stylus is connected and connected to the right location on the back of the zSpace.
    • zSpace 300 - Make sure the stylus is connected to the RJ-11 connector. A common mistake is to plug stylus into the TJ-45 connector, which is a network connection.
    • zSpace 200 has two stylus port connections. Use the inside most connector.
  • Run the Stylus configuration test to verify if the issue is tracking related or if the stylus is faulty.

If you are still having issues with your stylus, please see the zSpace Stylus Replacement website or contact zSpace customer support.

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    Lauren Ivey

    How do I run the test??

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    Adessa Shields

    How do I run the test?

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    Scott Whitacre

    The parent section to this article lists out the instructions for running the tests and all the tests that are part of the system check. Which versions you have of the tests is dependent on the version of system software you have.