Disabling USB on zSpace STEM Shuttle PC

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This applies to only zSpace STEM Shuttle PCs for both Students and Teachers using Windows 7 or Windows 8.

To disable USB 3.0

  1. Shutdown PC if PC is running.
  2. Turn on PC and immediately start pressing the del key at about 1 second intervals until you see the Aptio Setup Utility.
  3. Press the left and right arrow keys to select Advanced along the top side menu.
  4. Press the up and down arrow keys until USB Configuration is highlighted. Press enter key to select it.
  5. Press the enter key again to change the USB Controller setting.
  6. Use down arrow key to highlight Disabled and press enter to select it.
  7. Press F4 to Save and Exit.
  8. Select Yes to confirm saved changes and reboot PC.


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