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Once you have set up your first computer with Zone and added all the tiles for launching various applications, you can copy the settings file to other computers. This means you only need to set up zSpace Zone once.

After setting up zSpace Zone on your PC, copy the settings by:

  1. On the computer which zSpace Zone has already been configured, open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\ProgramData\zSpace\Zone\Settings\ as shown in the below image.
  2. Copy the UserSettings file to another device such as a network drive or USB thumb drive. If you cannot find the UserSettings file it might mean you have not set up Zone tiles previously or you are not looking under the correct folder path. *Note. This file is a special file and has not file extension.
  3. On the computer which you are setting up, browse to the same folder location.
  4. Copy the UserSettings file to the PC.
  5. Launch Zone and check your tiles.

If you click on a tile inside zSpace Zone and see a message stating "Windows cannot find <Location to File>. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." that means you have either not entered the correct path for the application when creating the tile or if you copied the UserSettings to that PC the application might not be installed on that PC.

For convenience, attached is two pre-made UserSettings file below. The files will need to be renamed to "UserSettings" without the quote marks.

UserSetting-z300 - This is the current default settings shipped with the zSpace 300 updated for the latest release.

UserSettings-StemPC - This is the current default settings shipped with the zSpace STEM PC both generation 1 and 2.


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  • Avatar
    Jason Benitez

    Would this same process work for copying the setting to another user on the same PC vs. another PC completely? For example a limited user that can't browse manually to the shortcut locations?

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    Yes, follow the exact same steps but copy the UserSettings to each user folder needed.