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Smart Boards or Interactive Boards are touch panel screens with whiteboard or other interactive capabilities. This article is meant to address reported issues with these boards and we will update anytime we obtain new information.

Promethean Boards

The Promethean boards are a smart, interactive touch screen flat panel, some with whiteboard capability. When using this as the second screen to display zView, there is an order of events that needs to take place to get everything up and running correctly.

Run the zView setup per normal process.

  • Close zView after the wizard is done.
  • Launch an application such as Experience.
  • Launch zView from that application.

Now, the Promethean board may change resolution from full HD on you and the application windows could show as overlapped.

  • Minimize the zView window and go to resolution settings on the Promethean.
  • Change these back to full 1920 HD again.
  • This may kick the zSpace display down to less than full HD and you then have to correct that resolution as well.
  • Restore zView back to full screen and everything should be displaying correctly.

Recordex Interactive Flat Panel

When using this as a secondary screen to display zView, we have found there is a possibility that straight HDMI to HDMI could cause zView not to work. We have determined that an HDMI to VGA adapter, with the VGA side being on the Recordex screen, will allow zView to run properly.


The bottom line in zView, if you seem to be having strange behavior, take these steps:

  • Close everything, launch the application first, then zView from the app (except Cyber).
  • Double check resolution settings and try to use the Recommended in the drop down.
  • Make sure the zSpace is the Primary Display.
  • Try alternate connections if available.


If this does not resolve your issue, please contact us.

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