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How do you build an activity in Newton's Park? How do you import models into Studio? Where do I sit when using a zSpace? We have a selection of videos and PDF documents available relating to zSpace STEM applications all available here: Many of the videos have additional links to PDF documents which contain additional information.

How to use zSpace STEM Station

This video covers how to use the zSpace including where to sit, how to hold the stylus, and how two people can share a zSpace. Although the video was recorded around using a zSpace 300, it applies to zSpace 200 and zSpace 100 models.

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This video walks you through making a piggie using Leopoly.

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Using zSpace Activity Builder

Here we cover building activities using Newton's Park but this video still applies to Studio version 1.0, Newton's Park 2.0, and Franklin's Lab 2.0.

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We have a selection of material for Studio here.

Newton's Park

We have a selection of material for Newton's Park here.

Franklin's Lab

Here we explore the features of Franklin's Lab version 2.0 and using these features.

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