zView not showing Augmented Mode

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If you are able to get through the zView setup wizard without issue, however launching and using zView is not working properly, here are a couple of things to look at:

To launch zView, for our zSpace applications, you must start it within the programs and not directly. To verify this is done correctly, please shut down all applications, including zView.

Launch zSpace Experience as a test. When it is up, hit the ‘Z’ key. You should see zView launch on the secondary monitor. It will show in standard mode by default.

Hit the ‘X’ key to toggle zView to an augmented reality mode. When you close zSpace Experience, you should see that the zview app also closes.

For apps like Studio, Newton's Park, and Franklin's Lab, there is an icon on the left control bar for launching zView. Once launched a new control bar at the top allows you to toggle between standard and augmented reality.

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