zSpace AIO hardware components

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The zSpace AIO consists of 7 hardware components*.

All of these devices are important or required for correct operation of zSpace. The intent of this article is to describe each component and to help you identify and verify each one is correct and in working condition.

For Reference*:

  • Model Number: zSpace AIO Pro
    • Product Number: ZSP-05-US-24 (USA model)
    • Intel i7
    • 24" HD display (1920x1080)***
    • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
    • Radeon Pro WX3100 Embedded GPU
    • 256 GB SSD
    • 802.11 nac + BT
    • Windows 10
  • Model Number: zSpace AIO
    • Product Number: ZSP-04-US-24 (USA model)
    • Intel i3
    • 24" HD display (1920x1080)***
    • 8 GB DDR4 RAM
    • Radeon Pro WX3100 Embedded GPU
    • 256 GB SSD
    • 802.11 nac + BT
    • Windows 10
  • Model Number: ZSPACE300
    • Product Number: ZSP-03-US-24 (USA model)
    • Intel i3
    • 24" HD display (1920x1080)**
    • AMD FirePro W5170M
    • Windows 10

* These hardware components and specifications are subject to change. Please contact zSpace Sales for current specifications. Further details in specifications can also be found at http://zspace.com/technology.

** Starting with serial number ZW36430000, the touch screen has been removed. Only non-touch option is currently available.

*** zSpace displays run at 1920x1080 resolution. The zSpace AIO and zSpace 300 do have HDMI out on the back of the zSpace display, for connecting an external display, which supports HDMI specifications 1.4. HDMI specifications 1.4 limits HDMI to 1920x1080 at 60hz when using stereoscopic. For this reason, display devices which support 4K resolutions will not display correctly if the external display is set to anything above 1920x1080 or 60hz resolutions when using stereoscopic. For assistance in changing your display resolution, please see managing multiple display configurations.

zSpace Display

zSpace 300 touch display
zSpace AIO
Rear panel connections
zSpace 300 rear panel connections
Rear side label showing serial number in bottom left corner
zSpace 300 rear label with serial number

Power Supply

Using the provided power supply with your zSpace is important. Using an incorrect power supply could lead to:

  • zSpace hardware damage
  • Failure to power up
  • Poor or inconsistent performance
  • Intermittent signal loss (blue screen and/or flashes)
  • Blank black screen

For reference, the specifications on our zSpace 300 power supply are:

  • Chicony Power Technology Co. model A11-200P1A
  • Input 100-240V, 2.9A, 50-60 Hz
  • Output: 19V, 10.5A, 200W

Label on back side of power supply:

zSpace 300 power supply

Note the serial number in the lower left-hand corner.

Eye wear

zSpace requires the use of polarized eye wear with tracking markers. The Eye wear is available as wearable glasses or clip-on style and five (5) tracking markers. Missing tracking markers will lead to head tracking not working correctly. zSpace AIO eye wear is not the same as eye wear used with previous zSpace models.

For reference:

  • Tracking eyewear SKU number: HW-TEW-02-01
  • Clip-on eyewear SKU number: HW-TCO-02-01
  • Adult follower Eyewear SKU number: 460-00024-01
  • Child follower Eyewear SKU number: 460-00025-01

zSpace AIO polarized wearable style with tracking markers. The zSpace AIO glasses have zSpace logo on the front on each side and have a black frame around the lens.

zSpace 300 tracking glasses

Clip-on style showing the locations of 5 tracking markers used on all styles of eye wear. Clip-on are only available as part of the zSpace Accessory Kit.

zSpace 300 tracking marker locations

Follower Eyewear

zSpace follower eyewear allow a second person use the same zSpace. These are non-tracked 2D glasses.

Adult follower glasses


Child follower glasses




zSpace AIO uses a new stylus design. This stylus is almost two inches longer than the stylus used with the zSpace 200.

For reference:

  • SKU number: HE-STL-02-00
  • Serial number on label near connector

zSpace 300 stylus


Keyboard and Mouse

zSpace AIO USB wired keyboard

zSpace 300 keyboard

zSpace AIO USB wired mouse

zSpace 300 mouse



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