Head Tracking Test

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The zSpace System Check Head Tracking test simply verifies head tracking is working on your zSpace System.

Upon launching the test the first thing you will see, if you are not wearing your glasses, is an image instructing to put on your glasses.

After putting on your glasses the test will begin. To complete the test move your head so your glasses point to the 5 targets across the screen. When a target is targeted it will turn from red to green.

Once all 5 targets are green the test will pass and close. If tracking on your system is not working, pressing esc will cause the test to fail.

Steps to take to resolve issue:

  • Run the Stylus Tracking test and verify if the issue is related to only head tracking or all tracking.
  • Verify you are using the most recent version of zSpace System Software and verify firmware is up to date.



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