Control Panel and System Software 4.3 and above

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This article applies only to zSpace System Software 4.3 and above. If you are using zSpace System Software or below, please see this article here.

Welcome to the new zSpace System Check as part of the zSpace Control Panel and System Software version 4.3 and greater. This currently only applies to zSpace 300 and HP zVR models.

The zSpace System Check is an integrated part of the zSpace Control Panel and tests all aspects of the zSpace and PC to verify the required configurations and settings have been made.

The zSpace System Check consists of:

  • Stereo Imaging Test - Test to make sure Stereo is enabled on your system
  • Head Tracking Test - Test to verify head tracking is functioning
  • Stylus Tracking Test - Test to verify stylus tracking is functioning
  • Stylus Configuration - Used to set configure stylus options
  • Tracking Diagnostics - Can be used to verify both glasses and stylus being detected by tracking sensors
  • Language Selection - Allows a user to set language default language for zSpace Control Panel
  • System Information - Shows zSpace and PC information commonly requested by zSpace Support
  • Firmware Updater - Updates firmware on zSpace
  • Help and Support - Link to the zSpace Support website.

Running the zSpace System Check

Windows 7

zSpace Control Panel can be found in Windows Start Menu under the zSpace folder.

Windows 8

zSpace Control can be found by clicking on the Windows Start button, selecting the white down arrow to view installed applications, and selecting zSpace Control Panel under the zSpace category.

Windows 10

zSpace Control Panel can be found in the Windows Start menu under All Apps, then the zSpace folder. 


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