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zSpace applications which require a license key may also include a License Manager. The License Manager allows you to check for license updates, deactivate a license, or enter a different license key for your application

Learning (Physical Science) Applications and Studio

To deactivate licenses for any of the Learning Applications, including Franklin's Lab, Newton's Park, Curie's Elements, or Euclid's Shapes, or deactivate Studio license, please perform the following.

To open the zSpace License Manager:

  1. Launch your application which is using zSpace license key.
  2. You must be logged in to the application using the zSpace EDU server with a teacher account or logged in offline as an admin. If you must use the offline admin account, please contact zSpace support to learn how to do this.
  3. From the main menu, select the settings button on the left side control bar as pictured.
  4. Under License Management, select License Manager. 
  5. You will see a new panel as shown below.
    • If the options on this screen are grayed out, that is because you are not logged in as a teacher or admin. Please see step 2 above.
  6. This panel will show the last 8 characters of your currently used license and license expiration date.
  7. Check for License Updates will update your license key. For example, updating your license expiration date upon renewals.
  8. Activate a Different License will prompt you to enter a different license to be used for your application.
  9. Deactivate License will deactivate the license for currently running application so it can be used on another PC.


zView does not have a license manager. To deactivate a zView license, please perform the following

  1. Launch zView.
  2. From anywhere with zView, press ctrl+alt+F2. You will see a license deactivated message.


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