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The zSpace App Manager provides a simple way for you to download, install and update many of the zSpace applications, content and demos. Downloading and using zSpace App Manager you agree to the zSpace Programs Master Terms and Conditions.


zSpace downloads are now available at

zSpace App Manager manages downloads for:

  • zSpace Aquarium
  • zSpace Let's Cook
  • zSpace Missile Defense
  • zSpace Planet Attack
  • zSpace Tennis
  • VIVED Science* (formally Cyber Science 3D)
  • Newton's Park*
  • Franklin's Lab*
  • zSpace Studio*
  • zSpace Studio STEM Model Packs
  • Curie's Elements*
  • Euclid's Shapes*
  • zSpace Experience
  • Leopoly 3D Designer for zSpace*
  • zSpace Zone
  • zSpace zView*
  • zSpace Introduction
  • zSpace System Software
  • Additional titles coming soon

 * Denotes additional licensing required to use application


  1. Please note that zSpace App Manager will uninstall zSpace Studio, Franklin's Lab, and Newton's Park if they are version 1.0 or below.  
  2. Download and run the zSpace App Manager Install file.
  3. Install selecting the default options.
  4. Run zSpace App Manager by selecting the desktop icon.


  1. Please see this article for assistance in determining applications which have updates.
  2. Run zSpace App Manager by selecting the desktop icon while having an active Internet connection.
  3. Currently installed applications will be shown first followed by available software for download. Some applications may require additional licensing before running.
  4. To download an application select the Install button to the right of the application name.
  5. To launch an application, the Install button is replaced by an Open button.
  6. When the application update is available the Open button is replaced by an Update button.
  7. Applications can be uninstalled by selecting the down arrow next to the open button and selecting uninstall.


Please see this article for how to update App Manager

Release Notes


  • zSpace Notification Service - Taskbar notifications to user when updates to installed packages are available. Hover over the icon to see the available updates. Right-click on the icon to launch zSpace App Manager or update your system.
  • Displayed order of applications - Applications which have available updates are not shown first in the list. Second is applications which are available for download. Last is applications which are currently installed.
  • Simultaneous downloads - Allows up to 8 packages to be downloaded in parallel.
  • Pause and cancel downloads - Click on the download icon to pause the download, click again to resume. Ctrl-Click the download icon to cancel the download.
  • Package listing - Packages are grouped in the order of Available Updates, Available Software and Installed Software.
  • Remote Management - Command line interface to zSpace App Manager to enable IT teams to manage zSpace system updates.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • zSpace System Software for zSpace 300 is now available via App Manager

Version 1.8.0

  • Added support for Chinese language

Version 1.5.0

  • No new notes


  • Mouse cursor now changes appearance when hovering over a hyperlink
  • Progress of uninstallation now visible


Known Issues:

  • Some applications must be installed in order. For example installing zSpace Studio requires the zSpace Studio STEM Model Packs to be installed. You will receive a prompt notifying you of additional dependencies which will cause the installation process to pause until user interaction.

Optional Installation:

If you have a slow Internet connection or no Internet connection and need the ability to install applications offline, please contact zSpace support at

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