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Studio is zSpace’s rich model exploration and presentation tool allowing students to compare, dissect, analyze, measure, annotate and explore 1500+ 3D models from zSpace Model Gallery or 3D models created by students.

Teachers will find Studio a natural fit for creating complex scenes of content. It's easy to add labels, make annotations, take measurements, integrate multiple models to build a rich scene and create video tours of their models to share.

For more information please visit our zSpace EDU website.

Complete list of included Activities

For a complete description of all activities, including support materials and standards, refer to


zSpace Studio, activity pack, and model packs are now available via the zSpace App Manager. Please contact your zSpace Authorized Partner or sales representative to purchase a license.

Release Notes

Current release notes for Studio can be found here.

Version 4.0.3


  • Human body models have been updated to Biodigital® models (Activities have been updated with the new models).
  • Using zCentral is now the favored way to launch Studio.
  • Studio home screen has been removed. Activities must be launched from zCentral. When clicking on the home button, Studio will close and return to zCentral.
  • Improvements made to licensing system to handle cases where licensed applications were becoming unlicensed.
  • Camera tool and PiP window has been removed.
  • Ruler now shows both metric and imperial units on one ruler.
  • Added auto arrange feature. Pressing shift-r will auto-arrange a subset of the models in a scene.
  • Many improvements have been made to the ruler tool.

Product fixes including

  • Using the mouse will now interact with the expected UI elements and not interfere with stylus interaction.
  • Resolved issues where some thumbnail images would not load.
  • On application launch, resolved issue where application would immediately close.
  • All models will now load to the correct size.
  • “Layers of the Earth” activity is no longer missing and the ruler now properly scales with ruler.
  • Improvements to support for Turkish and Chinese languages.
  • Resolved issue where auto save prompt may not appear when opening a new file as it should.
  • When editing a note, clicking enter will now add a newline.
  • Resolved issue that did not allow some models to dissect. All models now properly dissect.
  • Resolved an issue where having two open activities that used the same models could result in some models missing.
  • Studio will no longer hang if launched from zCentral without a license.
  • Activity Answers are now properly saved and loaded.
  • Image import process made more robust.
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