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Studio is zSpace’s rich model exploration and presentation tool allowing students to compare, dissect, analyze, measure, annotate and explore 1500+ 3D models from zSpace Model Gallery or 3D models created by students.

Teachers will find Studio a natural fit for creating complex scenes of content. It's easy to add labels, make annotations, take measurements, integrate multiple models to build a rich scene and create video tours of their models to share.

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Complete list of included Activities

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zSpace Studio, activity pack, and model packs are now available via the zSpace App Manager. Please contact your zSpace Authorized Reseller or sales representative to purchase a license.

Release Notes


  • Product fixes including:
    • Activity tiles have a new look.
    • Studio’s model limit is set to 100 (increased from 10).
    • User is notified via dialog window when they reach the model limit for an activity
    • File browser can now see up to 500 file.
    • Imported Models that should be non-dissectible remain non-dissectible after being saved in an activity.
    • Favorite models are remembered across sessions for Teacher and Students users.
    • Rulers now correctly measure planets and other large astronomy models.
    • Object constraints are applied without having to save and exit Activity Builder.
    • Trashing all parts of a model while in dissect mode now removes that model completely from the scene. This also fixes problems with arranging and comparing models.
    • Imported models now keep their imported size between scenes and sessions.
    • Scene reset now resets the model count.
    • Scene rest does not close TourBuilder.
    • Resizing a model does not resize any attached tools.
    • New accounts default to auto-arrange being OFF.
    • Fixed some Chinese translations.
  • Numerous activity name changes.
  • Numerous activities updated.

October Content Update

  • Numerous activities have been updated
  • Numerous activities name changes
    • Any activity with '-' is the name has been changed to ':'

Version 2.5.2

  • Product fixes including:
    • Older activity, pre-version 2.0.0, settings are now being honored.
    • Fixed issue causing Studio to hang if Guest user account is corrupt.
    • Fixed issue where if zSpace unit was moved it might cause issues in the menus.
    • Icons for activity files were updated.
    • Fixed issue causing missing labels. If zSpace locale is using unsupported language, the application will default to English.
    • Activity: Structure and Function of Mammal Skulls loads with no models.(Fixed with latest Activity Pack 2.5.3)
  • Known issues and limitations
    • Cannot import models.
    • Wildebeest model may not display correctly.
    • No export prompt when disconnected from EDU Server in Sandbox.
    • Some models may not dissect into as many pieces as previous releases.
    • When searching for activities, you cannot use search characters such as '&' (ampersand) or ':' (colon).
    • Unable to create PDF at end of activity "The Guillotine and the Reign of Terror".

Summer 2017 content update

  • 18 new activities added.
  • Updates to more than 30 activities.
  • Over 150 new models.

Version 2.5.1

  • Product fixes, including:
    • Fixed “show labels” context menu option sometimes having no effect.
    • Fixed deleting models while labels are visible, sometimes leaving behind orphaned labels.
    • Fixed ability to re-save an already submitted activity (progress) to an Edu Server causing that
    • submission to temporarily disappear from the Teacher Dashboard.
    • Fixed images in PDFs sometimes being too blurry.
    • Fixed username and password criteria mismatched between in-application and at Teacher Dashboard.
    • Fixed inability to sign in using Guest account in some environments.
    • Fixed inability to scroll to the bottom of some question text.
    • Fixed import tooltip text.
    • Fixed some models sometimes loading with yellow color.
    • Fixed note pointers sometimes remaining when creating Tour Builder slides.
  • Improvements and Enhancements:
    • One installer now supports United States English (en-US), United States Spanish (es-US), and Chinese (zh-CN).
    • Video & audio recording capability added.
    • It is now possible to search and launch activities from the main menu.
    • Activity Menu now easier to navigate, including support for arrow keys.
    • User interface buttons, checkmarks, etc. now easier to activate when using the stylus.
    • Multiple-choice and true-false question types now available when authoring activities.
    • Immediate feedback option available for multiple-choice and true-false questions.
    • Keyboard shortcuts added for common functions.
    • Users may now choose languages other than English, at the Settings Window in-application.
    • Users may now choose between small, medium, and large font sizes.
    • Improvements to loading times when using Chinese locale.
    • Additional folder shortcuts added to file browser.
    • It is now possible to use links-to-launch URLs with user-created activities.
    • Simplified language describing server connections.
    • Multiple objects can be selected and manipulated at the same time.
    • Undo & redo commands added.
    • Audio files can now be embedded in activities.
    • Models and model selections can now be duplicated.
    • Model nameplates can now be disabled when authoring activities.
    • Label viewing now has choice of nearest labels or all labels
    • Label viewing can now be disabled per model when authoring activities.
    • Keyboard shortcuts added for application-specific functions.
    • Full support for mouse input added.
    • Experimental support for running Studio on non-zSpace devices added.
    • Application upgraded to 64-bit. More models may now be loaded concurrently.
    • Question-to-question scene transition speed improved.
  • Known Issues:
    • If zSpace system is set to language other than the 3 supported languages, text may be missing in application.
    • No export prompt when disconnected from EDU Server in Sandbox.
    • Some models may not dissect into as many pieces as previous releases.



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