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Newton's Park offers learners the ability to build experiments, alter experiments, or learn through experiments created by the zSpace Teaching Team, to deepen their knowledge of Newtonian Mechanics. The activities and experiments offer learning opportunities for Newton’s Laws of Motion and Rube-Goldberg or chain-reaction activities. Learners can build simulations, change gravity, stop and reverse time while gathering data and interact with the data to discover the real physics behind the movement of the objects.

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Newton's Park and content pack are now available via the zSpace App Manager. Please contact your zSpace Authorized Reseller or sales representative to purchase a license. 

Complete list of included Activities

For a complete description of all activities, including support materials and standards, refer to

Release Notes


  • Numerous bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed ability to re-save an already submitted activity (progress) to an Edu Server causing that submission to temporarily disappear from the Teacher Dashboard.
    • Fixed images in PDFs sometimes being too blurry.
    • Fixed username and password criteria mismatched between in-application and at Teacher Dashboard.
    • Improved text sometimes difficult to read in photos.
  • Improvements and new features:
    • Video & audio recording capability added.
    • It is now possible to search and launch activities from the main menu.
    • Activity Menu now easier to navigate, including support for arrow keys.
    • User interface buttons, checkmarks, etc. now easier to activate when using the stylus.
    • Multiple-choice and true-false question types now available when authoring activities.
    • Immediate feedback option available for multiple-choice and true-false questions.
    • Keyboard shortcuts added for common functions.
    • Users may now choose languages other than English, at the Settings Window in-application.
    • Users may now choose between small, medium, and large font sizes.
    • Improvements to loading times when using Chinese locale.
    • Additional folder shortcuts added to file browser.
    • It is now possible to use links-to-launch URLs with user-created activities.
    • Simplified language describing server connections.
    • Added support for Chinese language.
    • Keyboard shortcuts added for application-specific functions.
  • Known issues and limitations
    • When searching for activities, you cannot use search characters such as '&'.

Fall and Winter 2016 content update

  • 12 new activities
  • Removed Activities: Pro Golfer, Solar System Gravity Force - Ratios

Version 2.9.0

  • New Features
    • Challenge students by creating a mystery gravity state in experiments using Gravity X.
  • All zSpace learning applications have the following new features.
    • Importing activities are no longer required! Simply double-click a zSpace activity file and the application launches the activity.
    • zSpace activities can be saved to disk and opened from disk.
    • Guest users can now submit answers when connected to an EDU Server, no user accounts are required to submit answers.
    • Help Screen is now available through the Home control bar.
    • Activity search improvements – search by category, activity, or keyword.
    • Background sound now stops when Text to Speech is playing.
  • Known Issues
    • Idle screen becomes inactive and app must be closed through windows controls.


  • Labels now appear in pictures captures in Replay and Evaluate mode.
  • Improved speed of transition to Replay and Evaluate mode when many zBoxes are in the scene.
  • Major performance improvements through art updates.
  • Blocks can attach to launch points on ramps and launchers.
  • Blocks have friction materials that mimic the ball friction materials.
  • The zBlock allows for mass to be set from 0 - 10 kg.
  • Replay and Evaluate Mode Arrows: Force Vector Arrows change size relative to the magnitude of the force.
  • Background sound and sound effects added to all applications
    with settings panel controls for sound created.
  • Context Menu (right-click) has major usability improvements including:
    • Click right button to open (rather than press & hold).
    • Select menu item using the front button of the stylus.
    • Context menu will remain present in scene until menu option is
      chosen or if the user clicks on something else in the scene.
    • Improvements made to minimize Context Menu not appearing when activated.
  • Added stylus haptics to the UI.
  • UI and application environment updates to improve the performance of applications.
  • Server connection now remembered between zSpace applications.
  • zView file recording location is shown accurately in the file browser.
  • UI no longer appears in the Augmented Reality mode of zView.
  • Imported activities can now be Reset.

Known Issues

  • The context menu can appear fully or partially off screen.
  • If an icon on a context menu is selected using the mouse, the desired action may not occur.
  • Ambient sound does not fade out when Text to Speech is playing. Sound level can be reduced or muted in Settings to make Text to Speech audible.


  • Will prompt you for a license key the first time you open Newton's Park
  • Added support for Windows 8.1
  • 25+ New Activities and numerous existing activities have been updated
  • Boxes now have variable mass from 1 to 10 kg. You can set mass by clicking on the box and entering a value in the window that appears.
  • Automated recording of experiment
  • Improvements to review mode, including:
    • Frame-by-frame movement
    • Displacement and distance information
  • Guest user option allows for application use without a username and password
  • New user interface including:
    • Context menus for common actions
    • Activity tiles with descriptions of the activities
    • Larger buttons for easier selection
    • Auto-hiding control bars and toolbars to maximize space
  • Text to speech available for Activity Guide prompts and in-scene Notes
  • Improved offline experience, including Export to PDF option for activity answers
  • Export to PNG option for photos taken with the Stylus Cam
  • Cover photos for activities
  • Additional settings options

Version 1.2.0

  • Updated to support zView version 2.2. Be sure to also update zView.
  • Prompt to save: If you click on the Home icon and you have unsaved changes, Newton's Park prompts you to save them first.
  • Recover from lost network connections: If Newton's Park cannot connect to the Education Server when you are saving or publishing an activity, it will prompt you to export the activity to your PC. When you can reconnect to the Education Server, use the Import Activity feature on the Home page to copy the activity to the Education Server.
  • Saving constraints: When you create an activity, Save now includes any constraints you set in the Activity Builder. Prior versions only saved constraints when you published the activity.
  • Publish from control bar: To improve the workflow, you now publish activities from the Save menu on the control bar instead of from Activity Builder.
  • Ramp slopes: Newton's Park now shows the ramp's slope as ratio of height to width, instead of an angle in degrees.
  • Labels: In setup mode, you can click on a ramp, launcher, or force area to see its height, slope, and force settings. In addition, objects now have the same names in the Inventory and in the Activity Builder.
  • Resizing and rotating: The controls to resize and rotate objects in the scene have been changed to improve usability.
  • Measurements: When you save a sandbox or activity, Newton's Park saves any measurements you made.
  • zView changes: For ease of use, you can open and close the zView application without closing the zView pane.

    You can also pause streaming from Newton's Park to the zView application window by clicking on the Pause button. If you are recording, the recording also pauses. To restart showing Newton's Park in zView, click on the Project button.

  • Closing windows and dialog boxes: For improved usability, dialog boxes now have standard close mechanisms, such as Cancel buttons and "X" close controls.

    You can also close some windows or panes by clicking on the control bar icon that opened them. The icon will remain highlighted while the window is open to indicate that the feature is "on." Screenshot is an example of this.

  • Window and dialog box placement: Dialog boxes and windows are now placed to eliminate overlapping with each other and with objects in the scene.
  • Saving files: All the zSpace STEM applications now use the same default directory for saving files. The default is C:\Users\Public\Documents\zSpace. A shortcut to the zSpace folder appears on the desktop.

Version 1.1.0

New Features and Improvements:

  • Export and import: Teachers and students can share activities by exporting and importing them. To export, click on the Export icon next to the activity on the Main screen. To import, click on the Import Activity icon on the Main screen's Control Bar.
  • Version information: New versions of Franklin's Lab may include both new and updated zSpace activities. If a student has work in progress or has completed an older version of the activity, the older version is noted as "[OLD]." The new version appears in the zSpace Activities list with the status set to "new."
  • Rotate and tilt: You can now rotate and tilt the breadboard so you can examine your circuits from different angles.
  • Multi-meter: You can switch the display from scientific notation to fixed point notation. You can also move the multi-meter by clicking and dragging on it.
  • Application settings: You can now set a location for saved files. You can also see the current version and which Education Server is connected. Click on the Settings icon in the upper left corner of the Control Bar.



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