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Newton's Park offers learners the ability to build experiments, alter experiments, or learn through experiments created by the zSpace Teaching Team, to deepen their knowledge of Newtonian Mechanics. The activities and experiments offer learning opportunities for Newton’s Laws of Motion and Rube-Goldberg or chain-reaction activities. Learners can build simulations, change gravity, stop and reverse time while gathering data and interact with the data to discover the real physics behind the movement of the objects.

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Newton's Park and content pack are now available via the zSpace App Manager. Please contact your zSpace Authorized Reseller or sales representative to purchase a license. 

Complete list of included Activities

For a complete description of all activities, including support materials and standards, refer to

Release Info

Version 3.3.1

  • Product fixes including:
    • Removed export data feature.
    • In Eval mode, you can now go to time 0:00.
    • Curved ramp now has the same starting height in Eval mode.
    • Values for coefficients of friction are shown.
    • Fixed issue where some ramps do not properly launch.
    • Fixed issue which allowed hidden activities to be launched. 
  • Known issues and limitations
    • When searching for activities, you cannot use search characters such as '&' (ampersand) or ':' (colon).

Version 3.2.0..58651

  • Product fixes including:
    • Impulse arrow appears more accurately at inflection point
    • Hiding a note now hides the arrowhead as well
    • Question Widget and other UI elements do not flicker as the platform is rotated
    • The platform does not rotate when using the left/right arrow keys when using Activity Builder or when in Eval Mode
    • Force value shows out to the tenths place
    • Reset now correctly reverts imported activities to their last save
  • Updated Chinese Translations
  • Known issues and limitations
    • When searching for activities, you cannot use search characters such as '&' (ampersand) or ':' (colon).

October Content Update

  • Updated Activities
    • 2: Define Your Variables
    • Dropping Objects on Other Planets
    • Graphing Force and Speed
    • Gravity Investigation
    • Parabolic Trajectories
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Solar System Gravity Forces: Analyze Data on Line Graphs
    • Target Practice 2
  • Added data export feature:
    • 5: Gravity Challenge
    • Conservation of Momentum
    • Energy Skee Ball
    • Force: Acceleration and Velocity
    • Graphing Motion
    • Graphing Speed/Velocity vs. Time: Gravity
  • Activity names were changed:
  • 1: Developing a Research Question and Hypothesis (Former Name = 1 - Developing a Research Question and Hypothesis)
  • 1: Observing Gravity (Former Name = 1 - Observing Gravity)
  • 2: Define Your Variables (Former Name = 2 - Define Your Variables)
  • 2: Investigating Gravity (Former Name = 2 - Investigating Gravity)
  • 3: Make Observations (Former Name = 3 - Make Observations)
  • 3: Observing an Unknown Gravity (Former Name = 3 - Observing an Unknown Gravity)
  • 4: Investigating an Unknown Gravity (Former Name = 4 - Investigating an Unknown Gravity)
  • 4: Is this a Good Experiment? (Former Name = 4 - Is this a Good Experiment?)
  • 5: Design and Build Your Experiment (Former Name = 5 - Design and Build Your Experiment)
  • 5: Gravity Challenge (Former Name = 5 - Gravity Challenge)
  • 6: Present Your Data (Former Name = 6 - Present Your Data)
  • 7: Scientific Method Challenge (Former Name = 7 - Scientific Method Challenge)
  • Discovering Friction: Part 1 (Former Name = Discovering Friction - Part 1)
  • Discovering Friction: Part 2 (Former Name = Discovering Friction - Part 2)
  • Force: Acceleration and Velocity (Former Name = Force - Acceleration and Velocity)
  • Graphing Speed/Velocity vs. Time: Gravity (Former Name = Graphing Speed/Velocity vs. Time - Gravity)
  • Graphing Speed/Velocity vs. Time: Mass (Former Name = Graphing Speed/Velocity vs. Time - Mass)
  • Modeling Fractions: Multiplication (Former Name = Modeling Fractions - Multiplication)
  • Modeling Fractions: Multiplication Demo (Former Name = Modeling Fractions - Multiplication Demo)
  • Solar System Gravity Forces: Analyze Data on Line Graphs (Former Name = Solar System Gravity Forces - Analyze Data on Line Graphs)


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