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zView provides a way to share the zSpace experience with others. Normally, only the person at the zSpace display experiences the application in stereoscopic 3D. On the zSpace display, observers will see the left and right eye images instead of a single fused 3D image. zView addresses this problem by capturing the zSpace experience in a separate window. zView enables you to project a user’s experience with zSpace onto a second monitor or screen. You will need an external USB web camera to capture the zSpace session.

System Requirements

  • Webcam which supports HD resolutions (1080x720 or 1920x1080)
  • zView enabled application


zView is now available via the zSpace App Manager.

Archived Releases

For prior releases of zView please contact zSpace Support

For assistance in setting up zView please see the zView Users guide.

Installation and Set up

The zView Users Guide will walk you through the entire zView installation and setup process after connecting the zView Armature.

Release Notes:


  • zSpace Learning Apps now include zShare. This requires zView to be installed even if it is not licensed.
  • Spanish localization added.
  • Native full-screen behavior restored.
  • Various bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed zView not saving calibration settings in some environments.


  • Fullscreen option in zView has been disabled. Using F11 now maximizes the zView window.

Version 4.0.0

Updates and Enhancements

  • zView has a new look and feel. Use the features you know within the new menu system.
  • Calibration improvements for quick camera set-up.

Known Issues

  • When zSpace Experience is using zView, no other applications can access zView.
  • If you launch zView in Studio, and have not yet calibrated the zView application for augmented mode, zView only appears in standard mode and does not provide any warning. Make sure that zView is calibrated if you wish to use it in Augmented Mode.
  • When using some zSpace applications, if you click the Home Button while zView is still running, the application does not automatically close the zView window. Upon launching another Sandbox or activity, please click the zView icon once to close the existing window and then again, to correctly relaunch zView.


  • Faster performance in low light conditions.
  • Help menu does not work.


Updates and Enhancements

  • Simplified the setup process. The steps to adjust the overlay are no longer part of setup. Instead, after setup is complete, adjust the overlay via the Tools menu.
  • Fixed an issue where launching zView with a non-PnP monitor would cause zView to just close without any type of warning message.
  • Added support for Windows 8.1


  • Fixed an issue where if incompatible version is found, application would hang
  • Added ability to save previous zView settings
  • Version check is performed when an application launches zView


Updates and Enhancements

  • zView can now be controlled from zView-enabled application. For this reason, previous versions of zView-enabled applications must be updated to function with zView 2.0
  • Improvements to setup pattern allowing for better accuracy when setting up webcam
  • zView has two modes, Augmented Reality and Standard. Standard mode shares the same viewing angle as the zSpace user, therefore, does not require the use of a webcam
  • 3rd party software no longer required for recording
  • Visual acknowledgment of recording starting and stopping
  • Developer support using zView SDK or zView Unity Package

Known Issues and Limitations

  • On laptop displays, the setup pattern will only be displayed if zSpace it set to be the primary display.
  • The setup pattern cannot be displayed the same time as zView-enabled application is running. 
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  • Avatar

    What's the "zView"?

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    zView is an application which allows you to screen share your zSpace screen onto another screen so others can see what you are seeing.


    The videos on the above link will help.

  • Avatar
    Christian Reeves

    Is the 3d Science a zview enabled application. or is there a version that is and a version that isnt?

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre


    Yes and yes. Cyber Science is zView enabled. But because of the changes we had to make to zView, you will need to make sure you are always running the most updated version of zView. For Cyber Science, you will need to launch and setup zView before launching Cyber Science.