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Carnegie Melon University has a program, which is hosted at EA Games, which allows a group of students to completely design their own game. Fall term 2013 they chose to do their project on zSpace and Zimension is what they did. Project producer is Sim Xing.

You can start with the tutorial and learn to play the game. The object of the game is to get to all the rabbits back to their pen. Use the stylus to grab game objects which can control the rabbits. Watch out for the tornado! Occasionally the winds can get stronger (you will hear it) and may suck bubbles into the tornado. If a rabbit is lost by falling off, tornado, or other environment hazards, the rabbit will reappear at its starting location. Once all the rabbits for the current level are in the pen you will advance to the next level. Currently, 3 levels are playable with each getting harder.

A short promo video from the project:

Project Status:

Complete. I have seen a couple small bugs with the game but nothing major. The team has completed their term and moved onto other projects. Zimension is provided as a demo only and is only being made available to download by zSpace, Inc.

Download Link:

CMU Zimension download

Known Issues:

  • Application is not complete and may contain errors


  1. Download and unzip folder.
  2. Run the game using the FinalBuild.bat file.


  1. Use the keyboard 'A' and 'D' to move scene around or if you are using head tracking, you must move really far left or right to move scene.
  2. Use stylus button 0 to grab objects or if no object is selected, click and drag to create bubbles.

Game objects:

  • Carrot - Drag on ground in front of rabbit. Rabbit will chase
  • Fan - Not really a fan as much as a bat. Use bat to gently bump bubbles to move them around.
  • Stick - Sticks will pop bubbles.


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