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Project Description:

Hydrospace is a 5 level game concept that showcases the ability to use zSpace for an immersive gaming experience.  Hydrospace plays like a 3D hybrid of Missile Command and Asteroids, where the goal is to defend the planet and your ship while simultaneously blasting all of the enemy ships and projectiles.

Project Status:

This project is complete as version 1.0 and is considered a proof of concept demo.  There are no plans for further development at this time.

Download Link:

HydroSpace Download


  • zSpace System Software 4.4.1 or older
  • openGL quad buffer capable GPU (nVidia Quado or AMD Firepro)
  • zSpace as a single display or primary display in a multi-display environment

Known Issues:

  • The first time you launch any Unity app on a system after Windows bootup or tracking service start in full screen mode, the app will actually come up windowed and flickering.  To fix this, you can press Alt+Enter to put it back into full screen mode or close the app, restart it, uncheck the "Windowed" box on the front-end dialog and click Play to bring it up full screen.  This issue only happens on fresh bootup of Windows or recent starting of zSpace tracking service.


  1. Double click hydrospace.exe and follow the prompts to install the game.
  2. There will be a start menu folder and shortcut created as well as a desktop icon.
  3. Double click hydrospace on the desktop or within start menu - zspace - hydrospace folder to begin.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to play the game. 


Hydrospace has a built-in tutorial that will explain how to play the game. In lieu of that, here are the actual controls.

Basic controls 

  • Center button - tractor beam (use this to grab and throw enemies)
  • Left button - weapon equipped for your left side
  • Right button - weapon equipped for your right side
  • P - Pause game - brings up the pause menu
  • Top left status bar is earth's health
  • Top right status bar is ship's health
  • Bottom center status bar is level progress indicator.  In the final boss fight, the center status bar is the boss's remaining health.


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    Eric Tripp

    Everyone, please note:

    The installer has been updated on 5/7/13.  The prior installer would not play beyond level 1 of the game.  If you downloaded this prior to 5/7/13, please uninstall and re-install with the newer download provided. My apologies for the oversight :)