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Hyas can capture images from all 4 sensors on zSpace, zSpace System Tracker logs similar to how the zSpace Control Panel does, and capture zSpace internal logs. Hyas is used for troubleshooting tracking issues.


  • Displays all 4 sensors and what the sensors see. If tracking glasses and stylus are visible then the IR markers will be shown as well as other light sources.
  • Can zip all log files created by zSpace System Tracker in C:\zSpace\Logs\IZAtlas.
  • Displays current versions of all firmware contained in the zSpace.
  • Ability to reset tracking and the zSpace Tracking Service similar to how the zSpace Control Panel can.
  • Display EDID, zSpace, and stylus serial numbers.
  • Show stylus tracking information as well as show when stylus button presses are made.


To run Hyas, download and unzip, and simply run the Hyas-x.x.exe where x.x is the correct version of Hyas. You will see a similar image as below.


To capture screen images and logs:

  1. In the lower right corner, set Image Type to GrayScale.
  2. Select Save
  3. Go to C:\zSpace\Logs\IZAtlas
  4. There will be a recently created zip file. It should be called: 2013_month_day_HH_MM_SS_xyz_
  5. You can email this log file to support with a description of the issues you are having.

Please note each release of the zSpace System Software requires a unique version of Hyas. You cannot mix the released versions of Hyas and zSpace System Software. Download links are below. The zip file contains two files which need to be unzipped to the same directory before running.

Download: Hyas for system Software version 4.4.1

Download: Hyas for System Software version 3.0.1

For additional versions of Hyas, please contact zSpace Support

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