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zSpace Experience is a demo application to highlight some of the features of zSpace and is provided free of charge.

Current Release:

zSpace Experience is available via the zSpace App Manager. 


The following keys allow you to control zView from within zSpace Experience

  • z - Toggles between connecting and disconnecting from zView. When connected, zView starts in Standard View.
  • x - Toggles between Standard View and Augmented Reality View.
  • c - Toggles between pausing and resuming output to the zView window.
  • + / - (plus / minus) Entends and shortens the stylus ray cast length.
  • r - Resets zSpace Experience to initial launch state.
  • s - Resets the current active scene.

Release notes:


  • New desktop icon


  • New scene! Configure a watch by choosing components.
  • Heartbeat animation synced to sound of heartbeat.
  • UI Bubble added to Butterfly Home Button.
  • Ambient sound added to Robot Arm scene.
  • Faster Performance.


New Features

  • Opening Scene:
    • Challenge yourself with a chess puzzle: "White to move. Mate in two"
    • Place the hovering objects into the orb to move into new scenes
  • Heart Scene:
    • EKG Tracing of heart beat
    • Parts menu now remains visible in the scene
    • Increase the heart rate: click on the Running Man icon to see and feel the heart rate increase
  • Desk Scene:
    • House model options expanded: choose between a blueprint view, painted, walls or frame only
  • Robot Arm:
    • Explode and Reform tools added
    • Pick up the entire arm by selecting and lifting the arm from the red end piece
  • Butterfly Scene
    • Explore the stages of life through the butterfly: look under a leaf for the larvae, see the caterpillar move and observe the butterfly flapping its wings when you pick it up
    • Sound effects added for objects in scene


New Features

  • Angle awareness so that the scene perspective automatically updates as the zSpace display angle changes
  • Controls moved to the front left of the scene to accommodate angle awareness
  • New toy box scene
  • Windows 8.1 compatibility
  • Improved stability and image quality
  • Integration with zView version 2.3.x or later no longer requiring zView to be launched before zSpace Experience. This allows users to control zView from inside zSpace Experience.


  • zView will now not launch automatically. You must manually launch zView before launching zSpace Experience.


What's new:

  • The Director Scene (Monster) has been replaced with a nature scene which has animated butterflies and background forest sounds
  • Updated to support zView 2.0

Version 3.0.1:

What's new:

  • zSpace Experience 3.0 is a port of the original zSpace Experience into Unity
  • With this version we have added model shadows and have optimized it to work at highest quality graphic settings with nVidia Quadro 5010m and AMD Firepro m8900 mobile solutions. Any other graphics cards may not work or have poor experiences.
  • Completely revamped interactive medical scene with haptic "heart beat" feedback, which now allows users to select and highlight individual elements of the heart
  • Scene Reset key (S) which allows you to reset the current scene to default state instead of having to reset the entire application to the desktop startup scene.
  • Scene toggles from 3D to 2D whenever there is a lack of stylus and head tracking activity for 3 seconds or more.  Once activity resumes, the scene returns to 3D
  • Developed with the Unity 3D engine

What's gone:

  • Space Dock scene from the original application
  • IPD adjustment and 2D/3D toggle key settings
  • Quality level and windowed-mode selection (removed from 3.0.0)


Download Archives

zSpace Experience

zSpace Experience 2.6.2

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  • Avatar
    robert james

    any plans on a new version of experience?

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    Likely not. The current version does still work although it does have a few bugs.

  • Avatar
    Unnikrishnan R

    This (and all other zspace examples + the zspace control panel) seem to work only when I run the application in administrator mode. Is there a way around this?

  • Avatar
    Eric Tripp

    zSpace Experience 2.6.2 has just been released.  The only change was the addition of a lab coat to the female model on the main scene.  This change was to align zSpace Experience with future design plans.

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    We have posted zSpace Experience 3.0.1. This version is now Unity based and contains a new scene. This is provided as a free demo. It does contain some known issues and is considered more of a beta than a release.

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    We have posted version 3.0.2 supports zView 2.0

  • Avatar
    Jimmy Liberato

    3.02 version download link is broken

  • Avatar
    Jimmy Liberato
  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    Thanks Jimmy for the broken link. It has been updated. There is no tutorial is 3.x versions. I will also look into the replaced scenes you mentioned. I have not looked at this version as these are the notes that were passed to me.

  • Avatar
    Jimmy Liberato

    It turns out that the disabled sizing tool on zSpace Experience 3.0.2 haptic heart model is not critical because there is a sort of auto-sizing functionality available.   If you move one of the components, the lungs for example, all the way to the left margin they will be miniaturized while at the same time the component left behind will maximize.  That makes it much easier to use the secondary and tertiary button functions to reveal details about the beating heart.  This demo is a real hit.  

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    Thanks for the additional info. I found out the heart sizing was known issue that will not be fixed. I also got to take a look at the application to find out the real list of changes so I will be getting that updated. Thanks for pointing those out.

  • Avatar
    Rob James

    download link is broken for 3.0.2 is still broken...

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    Thanks Rob. I fixed the link, again.

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    A small update was done to zSpace Experience and a new version was posted here.

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