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zSpace Demo, formally zSpace Experience, is a demo application to highlight some of the features of zSpace and is provided free of charge.


zSpace Demo is now available via the zSpace App Manager.


The following keys allow you to control zView from within zSpace Experience

  • z - Toggles between connecting and disconnecting from zView. When connected, zView starts in Standard View.
  • x - Toggles between Standard View and Augmented Reality View.
  • c - Toggles between pausing and resuming output to the zView window.
  • + / - (plus / minus) Entends and shortens the stylus ray cast length.
  • r - Resets zSpace Experience to initial launch state.
  • s - Resets the current active scene.

Release notes:


  • Name change from zSpace Experience to zSpace Demo.

Version 3.4.2

  • Fixed issue where zSpace Experience would minimize when launching zView in some environments.
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