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These demos were created by zSpace, Inc. for the purpose to demo the abilities of zSpace. Because of this, they are provided AS-IS with no guarantee of functionality. They may or may not work and there are known issues. zSpace, Inc. provides only limited support and at anytime downloads may be removed for downloading.


This demo shows the use of Unity to create a Rubik’s Cube Puzzle game with stylus interaction in the zSpace environment.


  • zSpace System Software 2.6.1 or newer
  • zSpace 100 or zSpace 200
  • zSpace as primary display (in multi-display environment)

Download Link:

Rubik's Cube Demo

Installation Information:

  • Simply unzip rubikscubedemo.zip into a folder 

Running Application:

To launch the application, double-click RubiksCubeDemo.exe from within the unzipped folder in the prior step.  The first time the application runs, you will need to setup the Unity front-end as follows:

  • Set screen resolution to 1920 x 1080
  • Uncheck the box “Windowed” so that it runs full screen if desired


  • Reset button - Reset the cube to a solved state
  • Randomize - scramble the cube tiles
  • Matrix size +/- - select the number of columns/rows in the cube
  • Smoothing - default on. Turning this off you will be unable to rotate the columns and rows so leave it checked. 

Stylus interaction:

  • Center button - turn the faces (rotate columns/rows)
  • Right button - click and drag to rotate the cube
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