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Angry Bots demo is a proof of concept showing the ability to take a 3D unity-based sample game and add zSpace stereo head tracking and stylus interaction to it. This demo is provided AS-IS with no guarantee of the functionality. zSpace, Inc. provides only limited support and reserves the right to remove this from our download section without prior warning. 


Angry Bots showcases the ability to take a 3D Unity engine based 3rd person shooter demo and wrap it into zSpace 3D with stylus and head tracking capability.


  • zSpace 100 or zSpace 200
  • zSpace System Software 2.6.1 or newer
  • zSpace as primary display (in multi-display environment)

Download Link:

Angry Bots Demo 1.0

Installation Information:

Simply unzip into a folder

Running Application:

To launch the application, double-click AngryBots.exe from within the unzipped folder in the prior step.  The first time the application runs, you will need to setup the Unity front-end as follows:

  • Set screen resolution to 1920 x 1080
  • Uncheck the box “Windowed” so that it runs full screen


Angry Bots is a 3rd person shooter demonstration that uses the typical WASD keyboard control mechanism to move the character, mouse to aim and mouse buttons to shoot/interact with objects.  In addition to traditional input methods, you may also use the stylus to aim/shoot and interact with items in-game.

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    Rahul Gupta

     Hey Eric,

    Amazing work. I see it on my active stereo setup and it really looks great in s3D. I am currently trying to use it on my own but I am not so familier with unity and programing so could you please help provide some tutorial on how to use zspace sdk and plugins inside unity with your project then it will be great help for a biginer.