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These demos were created by zSpace, Inc. for the purpose to demo the abilities of zSpace. Because of this, they are provided AS-IS with no guarantee of functionality. They may or may not work and there are known issues. zSpace, Inc. provides only limited support and at any time the downloads may be removed for downloading.


  • Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System
  • zSpace 100 or zSpace 200.
  • Installation of zSpace System Software 2.6.1 or greater.
  • PC Sound Card (Integrated or add-on card)
  • PC Audio Output device - Speakers or Headset
  • Trackball input device (optional) – Kensington Expert Mouse is recommended but any will do.


The zSpace NASA demos are designed to showcase the added realism possible when adapting a 2D presentation into a 3D zSpace environment.  Interaction in these demos is achieved with a mouse or trackball.  For best results, a trackball provides the most natural method of navigation in these particular demonstrations.  Any trackball will do but we recommend the Kensington Expert Mouse.

Demo Overview

There are two demos which are described below with downloadable links:

Evolution of the Moon

Download: Evolution of the Moon

This is a 2 and a half minute narrated movie that shows the changes in the Moon over time. You can use the mouse or trackball to rotate the globe during the demo. The original source came from the NASA website “Science on a Sphere”

The Wanderers

Download Link: Wanderers

The Wanderers is a 15 minute narrated movie tour of the solar system. You can use the mouse or trackball to rotate the globe and solar system during the demo. The original source came from the NASA website “Science on a Sphere”

Installing the zSpace NASA demos

Each demo runs from a self-contained folder.  Simply unzip them to a location of your choice and run the executable inside.

Running the zSpace NASA demos

To run each demo, simply double-click the program file within each folder to load.  The first time you run each demo, there are a few options (See illustration below) we need to enable which will be retained on subsequent launches as follows:

  • Graphics tab – open the screen resolution pull-down menu and select “1920 x 1080”
  • Leave the “”Graphics quality set to “Good” only!
  • Uncheck the box “Windowed”
  • Click “Play” button to launch


                        Illustration – Unity front-end settings


Now, make sure you have speakers on or headset attached and press SPACEBAR to begin the demo!

We hope you enjoy the experience!

zSpace NASA demo Shortcuts

F – Capture screenshots to the executable folder.  You may notice a slight hesitation in animation while this happens but it will, in fact, save left/right and stereo images to your executable path.

M – Swap eyes.  If you encounter stereo left/right swapped, press M to toggle it back and forth.

P – Turn stereo off/on toggle.  This is a good way to show someone the difference between the 2D and 3D experience.

Enter – during movie playback, pressing the Enter key will restart from the beginning

Spacebar – Play/Pause demo (once loaded to the title page)

ESC – Quit demo to desktop

Known Issues (7/12/2012)

  • Minimizing the demo window causes it to be in an orphaned state and the application needs to be end tasked from the task manager.  To avoid this, remember to exit the application with the ESC key every time.
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