VRPN driver release

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The VRPN (Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network) driver is required for special applications that require the VRPN interface for shared displays.

Current Release (June 24th, 2013): 

VRPN Release 2.10.0

Release Notes:


  • VRPN can now support multiple device types.
  • Output window is now suppressed (see documentation, -V on startup to see output)
  • Improvements to documentation support. Please see documentation included in the installation.
  • Additionally a ReadMe.txt is available after installation in the Windows Start menu zSpace VRPN folder which contains additional setup information.


  • zSpace VRPN now supports all supported peripherals supported by VRPN 7.29.
  • Pose information can be shown by using '-v' switch when launching zSpace VRPN.
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