Screen flickering - Downgrade AMD driver

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It does not happen very often but occasionally a video driver update may contain a bug which affects certain GPUs. We have seen this with AMD's most recent Radeon driver, 14.301.1001, and recommend not using this driver. The symptom you may see is screen flickering when using stereo enabled applications.

AMD drivers now include an auto-update feature which displays a message on screen suggesting and recommending a user to update to the newest driver. Without knowing many users selected this option and updated to a driver which contains issues. This article lays out the steps needed to check which current driver you are using, downloading a correct driver, and installing the new driver.

AMD drivers vary a small degree. The below steps are written generalized for AMD drivers. The steps 

Verify the version of your current driver

Please read this article here and verify you are using the correct driver for your zSpace system. Viewing the same article verify you are using the correct driver settings.

If you are not using a zSpace supplied PC and need assistance in determining the best driver to use please contact zSpace Support at

If you are not using the recommend driver please download it before continuing.

Uninstall and install prior driver

If you need assistance installing the new AMD driver, please see this article here.






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