zSpace 200 hardware components

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The zSpace 200 consists of 6 hardware components

  • zStation (zSpace-200 display)
  • Power Supply
  • Display Port Cable*
  • USB Cable*
  • zSpace 3D Tracking Eyewear
  • Stylus with ferrite bead

* Early zSpace 200 systems shipped with separate Display Port and USB cables and now this is a combination Display Port / USB cable.

All of these devices are important or required for correct operation of zSpace. The intent of this article is to describe each component and to help you identify and verify each one is correct and in working condition.

For detailed zSpace 200 hardware specifications, please see:

Power Supply

Using the provided power supply with your zSpace is important. Using an incorrect power supply could lead to:

  • zSpace hardware damage
  • Failure to power up
  • Poor or inconsistent performance
  • Intermittent signal loss (blue screen and/or flashes)
  • Blank black screen

For reference, the specifications on our zSpace-200 power supply are:

  • LITE On Model PA-1081-01
  • AC Input: 100-240V~, 1.5A, 50-60Hz.
  • DC Output: 12.0V, 6.67A MAX, 75W MAX
  • Part Number: 9NA0750409

Label on back side of power supply


Power supply with North American 3-prong wall connector

zSpace USB and Display Port combination cable

Combination USB 2.0 Type A to Type B and Display Port cable.

USB and Display Port cable connector



zSpace requires the use of polarized eyewear with tracking markers. The Eyewear is available as wearable glasses or clip-on style and has five (5) tracking markers. Missing tracking markers will lead to head tracking not working correctly. zSpace 200 eyewear is not the same as zSpace 100 eyewear.

For reference:

  • Tracking eyewear SKU number: TEW-01-02-00
  • Clip-on eyewear SKU number: TCO-01-00-00
  • Five (5) tracking markers

zSpace 200 polarized wearable style with tracking markers. The zSpace 200 glasses have a zSpace logo on each side whereas the zSpace 100 glasses do not.

zSpace 200 polarized tracking eyewear clip-on style

Eyewear showing tracking marker locations




zSpace 200 is currently using the same stylus as zSpace 100 and can be interchanged.

For reference:

  • SKU number: SWD-0100-00
  • Serial number on label by connector

zSpace Stylus


Location of the label with the serial number with attached ferrite bead.





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