Configuring Graphics Cards for zSpace

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Stereo drivers are required for Stereo (3D) to function. Drivers downloaded directly from NVIDIA or AMD may be required. The Microsoft generic drivers will not work. If you purchased a PC directly from zSpace, your PC graphics drivers would have shipped pre-configured.

Using AMD or NVIDIA provided drivers

It is not uncommon that drivers provided directly from NVIDIA or AMD contain bugs. Most of the time if your applications are crashing or Stereo is not working, using an older driver will resolve the issue. You may need to try several different drivers to find one that is working. 

Download Drivers from:

For zSpace computers: zSpace Recommended Driver



Enable 3D Settings

Once you have proper drivers installed, you may need to enable 3D settings for your graphics card.

Steps to enable 3D settings for your graphics card:

NVIDIA Quadro Series cards

  1. Right-click on the Windows desktop. Select NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. From the left column, select Manage 3D Settings
  3. Select Global Settings tab
  4. From Global presets, select 3D App - Default Global Settings
  5. From settings, scroll down to Stereo - Enable and make sure it is set to On
  6. From Global presets, select Base Profile
  7. From settings, scroll down to Stereo - Enable and make sure it is set to On
  8. Click APPLY button to save changes
  9. Note, if you have other applications that are dependent on 3D, there may be additional steps necessary for enabling Stereo 3D, especially if the nVidia profiler has a profile for your specific application.

AMD FirePro cards

  1. Starting with Windows 8.1, no additional setup is required for FirePro cards.

AMD ATI Radeon cards:

Radeon cards do not need any additional setup. Radeon cards are only capable of showing Stereo while the application is launched and running in full screen only.

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  • Avatar
    Peter Thomas

    there is NO

    step 4  From Global presets, select 3D App - Default Global Settings

    Step 5  From settings, scroll down to Stereo - Enable and make sure it is set to On.


    Both are NOT listed in current nVidia Driver Please update you info Can not use my Zspace System

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    Our information is correct using the most recent released nVidia Quadro driver 347.52. If you are not seeing these options, you likely do not have a proper driver installed or not using a support GPU.

  • Avatar
    Peter Thomas

    it's clear now after trying on are Alienware with Dual NVidia Gforce 770 cards and a win 7 machine with Gforce GTX 550 that Zspace does not work on any nVidia Gforce Video Cards,...** this NON Gforce support should be made much clearly by Zspace **


    I now have to wait weeks for procurement to get a new video card while the Zspace collects dust.......

  • Avatar
    Eric Tripp

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns. Our intent when writing this article was to specifically cover the GPU's that we do currently support, not to list video cards we do not support. We could be here forever listing those. We clearly state that we support nVidia Quadro and AMD Firepro GPU lines which are the professional workstation graphics solutions. We do not support consumer grade Geforce cards and I am sorry if that was not clear from the article. You need a GPU can that can do quad buffered openGL stereo and support any 3D capable monitors out of the box.




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    Justin Moravetz

    Using a Quadro K5000 with the latest drivers. The Stereo option is missing.