zSpace Supported Graphics Cards (GPUs)

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zSpace Graphic Card (GPU) requirements:

The following series of cards are supported:

  • NVIDIA Quadro K or Quadro M series desktop or mobile
  • AMD FirePro V or W series desktop or mobile
  • AMD Radeon R7* or greater

The previous list of cards with the following support configuration:

*AMD Radeon GPUs do not support OpenGL stereo 3D in windowed mode. For this reason, zSpace developed applications released prior to August 2014 may not support AMD Radeon GPUs. 

If you are considering purchasing a new graphics card (GPU) for your system, please check the power requirements of your new graphics card and verify your PC power supply can provide enough power. Just because your PC can turn on with a graphics card does not mean it can meet the power requirements. Individual requirements should be assessed when determining which graphics card will suit your needs. Not all graphics cards are created equal.

zSpace is not fully compatible with the following line of cards for the various reasons given below:

  • NVIDIA - All consumer Geforce series gaming cards - Lack of OpenGL quad buffered stereo without an optional license from nVidia
  • AMD - All consumer Radeon series gaming cards - Recent Radeon R7 and R9 cards do support quad buffereOpenGLGL stereo in Full-Screen mode only but do not work in windowed stereo modes. All of zSpace's education applications and most of our partner applications operate in Full-Screen mode as it is the preferred Stereo experience.




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  • Avatar
    Brad Newman

    Does the zspace support the Quadro K4000?

  • Avatar

    What about NVIDIA Quadro K2000M? Is it supported?

  • Avatar
    Eric Tripp

    zSpace does indeed support both the K2000m and K4000 desktop variants.

  • Avatar
    Hisahiro Kiyohara

    Does the zSpace support the Quadro K2100M?  We'd like to know to install zSpace with our PC.

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    We have not tested the K2100M, but we had good results with the K2000M. I would not expect any issues using K2100M

  • Avatar
    Hisahiro Kiyohara

    Thanks Scott, we will try and report the result.

  • Avatar
    Joris FELIX


    Is K2100M supported finally ?

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Genta Irikura
    Does the zSpace support the Quadro M4000?
  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre
    The new series of Quadro cards do meet the specs but we have not tested any yet. One customer did have one and reported to have some issues with the driver but an updated driver has since been released and we have not heard back. If you try one let us know how it works for you.