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To keep your zSpace STEM Lab up-to-date, you need to periodically check for updates. Starting with zSpace Summer 2015 release, all zSpace applications can be downloaded and updated using the zSpace App Manager with the exception of applications noted below. For assistance updating using zSpace App Manager, please see this article here. If you are using a generation 1 or generation 2 zSpace STEM PC, please see this article on doing updates with limited disk space.

zSpace System Software

On occasion, zSpace System Software will need to be updated. Please see this article for assistance on updating zSpace System Software.

App Manager

  1. Launch App Manager
  2. Select from the top level menu Help -> Check for update...
  3. You will be prompted whether or not an update is available. If update is available, select Install Update and follow the on-screen directions.

Education Server

Version 1.1.0 and newer

Version 1.1.0 and later includes an automatic notification of new versions.  

  1. Open AnswerWeb in your browser.
  2. On a teacher station running the Education Server, the URL is http://localhost:4000/#.
  3. Otherwise, the URL is http://ip_address:4000/#. The ip_address is the IP address of the teacher station running the Education Server.
  4. A message appears in the lower right corner if a new version is available.
  5. Login to AnswerWeb as an admin. This will require an administrator security password. Contact your system administrator or zSpace customer support to get this password.
  6. Click on Download Update in the menu bar and then follow the prompts to install.
  7. Restart your PC to start up the newest version.

The latest release notes can be found here.


Version 1.0.2 and older

Version 1.0.2 and below of the Education Server does not include a Check for Updates feature.

To get Version 1.1.0, please see

  1. Run the 1.1.0 installer and follow the prompts.
  2. Restart your PC.
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