Please update your zSpace System Software Immediately

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zSpace Customer Support is highly recommending that customers on zSpace 300 systems upgrade immediately to zSpace System Software 5.2.2 due to an issue identified with the latest Windows 10 Creator Update. If you already are on System Software 5.2.2 or using a zSpace 100 or 200 system, no action is required.

We have recently identified a problem that can occur if a zSpace 300/AIO is updated to Windows 10 version 1709, released October 17, 2017, prior to updating zSpace System Software. This error prevents the successful installation of newer zSpace firmware, rendering the zSpace unusable. Specifically, if a zSpace is running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version 1709*, updating zSpace System Software from 5.0x to either 5.1.0 or newer, will result in a critical error.

With the recent Windows 10 release, Microsoft changed the Windows device manager category name for webcams from “Imaging devices” to “Cameras”, causing a low-level camera library used to update camera firmware to fail, stating that it cannot find any valid cameras to update.

To avoid this issue, zSpace urges all customers to take the steps needed to update to the latest version of zSpace System Software. More details on how to update can be found here: 205489386

zSpace is working actively with Microsoft as well as our camera supplier to find a remedy to this change in architecture.

Please share with all members of your team that manage and support zSpace updates.

To check the version of your zSpace System Software, please see zSpace Configuration Check.

For assistance in updating you zSpace, please see Installing and Updating zSpace Applications.

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