VIVED Science Ptersaur Model Will Not Load

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We have discovered an issue with VIVED Science where the Ptersaur model will not load. Attempting to view the model will result in VIVED Science displaying nothing or VIVED Science continually load the model. A fix will be released in a future update of the application.

A workaround is available now. Please perform the following steps to download the model.

  1. An Internet connection is required. Make sure your computer is online.
  2. Open Windows File Explorer. This can be done by clicking the folder icon in your Windows task bar or pressing WinKey+E.
  3. Type into the address bar of File Explorer, C:\ProgramData\CyberScience\Cooler_CS\. The address bar is shown in the below screen shot.
    • HiddenFiles2.png
  4. Look for the pterosaur.1.csData and pterosaur.1.csModel files. Delete both of these files.
  5. Launch VIVED Science.
  6. Click on the New Session and open the Pterosaur model. The model should download and display.
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