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This article lists most currently known issues for all applications supported on a zSpace system. Select an application to view specific known issues.

zSpace STEM Education

Common issues among all STEM applications

  • In very rare cases, a licensed applications are becoming deactivated. (949)
  • Since the learning applications share a license, if you attempt to attempt to apply an already in use license to application which you are not licensed to use, both applications will be left in a state where they are not licensed. (1563)

Euclid's Shapes

  • When changing Activity Settings under Activity Builder, the category icons do not update. User must save and re-open activity for changes to take effect. (44)
  • When creating or editing activities, Euclid's Shapes uses -1 to represent unlimited. All other applications use blank box. (43)

Franklin's Lab

  • The tooltips for AA Battery are showing developer strings (1406)
  • Some settings menu items for Spanish are overlapping (1401)

Newton's Park

  • When editing activities, Deflector Block does not have lock size constraint like other objects in the ramp category. (1707)
  • In some very rare cases, Newton's Park may hang on the splash screen when launching. To close the application, Task Manager must be used.


  • If headphones are plugged in after Studio has been launched, you will not hear any audio. You must connect your headphones before launching the application. (1870)
  • In some activities, the animation buttons appear but do not work. (2544)

zSpace Utilities

App Manager

  • When updating from zSpace Classic to zSpace 2019, desktop shortcuts can remain. The desktop shortcuts should be deleted and zCentral used to launch all applications. (966)
  • In some cases, zCentral cannot be updated. (86)
  • The installed version of App Manager is reported as 4.0.2 when the actual installed version is higher. (53)
  • Configuration Check may show an update is available to an application and App Manager may show no update is available. The most recent version of the application is installed but App Manager is not showing the correct version to Configuration. (51)
  • App Manager, if left open for significant period of time, will crash. (59)
  • If user does not have appropriate user permissions to run App Manager and tries to open App Manager, appropriate error messages are not shown. (56)

Configuration Check

  • On Laptop, if scaling is set to 125%, the UI will be cut off by the screen.

EDU Server and Teacher Dashboard

  • EDU Server will not reconnect in the case of network interruption
  • Searching in Teacher Dashboard for activities may give error message and not return any search results.
  • Importing accounts with same username but different capitalization is incorrectly allowed.

System Software

  • Windows 10 Fall Creator Update will not allow zSpace System Software to be installed on certain older zSpace systems.
  • If there is an secondary monitor connected to zSpace, it must be set to extended display or removed to install zSpace System Software. For assistance in changing resolutions, please see Managing multiple display configurations.
  • Users must unplug all USB devices from their zSpace 300 except the mouse and keyboard prior to installing 5.1.0 or newer zSpace System Software.
  • System Software cannot be installed over Remote Desktop Client.


  • Some web cameras, zView may flicker when using augmented reality mode. 
  • With the new zSpace AIO, the center camera on the zSpace is the first available webcam on the list. You will need to select your correct webcam you intend to use with zView.

Partner and 3rd Party

GTAFE Auto Expert, Auto Mechanic, and Canine

  • To license the applications, you must select the shortcut file, right click and select Run as Admin. 

Human Anatomy Atlas 3D

  • After licensing Human Anatomy Atlas, the application may ask for a license key again. If the license key is entered again a "Exceeded maximum activation" error message will be shown. Please contact zSpace support if this is seen so the license can be reset. 
  • License keys are version specific. Entering an annual license key into the perpetual version or entering perpetual license key into the annual version will activate the key but not activate the application.
  • Animations after a duration of playing will cause Human Anatomy Atlas to crash.


  • Leopoly quits when importing obj files. (12)
  • When Leopoly is running, background applications cannot be selected. (29)
  • (Laptop only) Bodyparts Mode takes 30 to 35 seconds to load when it should take 5 seconds. (60)

VIVED Science

  • Any saved sessions which contain notes will show inconsistent behavior on load.
  • In some cases, when deactivating a license, the license may say it has been deactivated but it has not. When trying to activate the license again you may get a message stating "maximum number of activations exceeded". If you experience this, please contact zSpace support. (4)
  • On zSpace Laptop, scaling needs to be set at 100% or VIVED Science will appear to have a zoomed in look. (77)
  • When VIVED Science is launched very shortly after zSpace computers boots, tracking may not start appropriately when VIVED Science is launched. The workaround is wait 2 minutes to launch VIVED Science or first launch another application before launching VIVED Science. (32)

VIVED Anatomy

  • In rare cases, when trying to activate VIVED Anatomy you may see message stating "User key already activated". If this issue occurs, please contact zSpace Support. You will be asked to provide the log files and VIVED Anatomy license file from your zSpace. If you see this issue, please contact zSpace Support. (30)
  • The female pelvis model model shows both male and female anatomy. (35)
  • On newest laptop image, VIVED Anatomy or Chemistry cannot be licensed. Please see this article for workaround. (89)

VIVED Chemistry

  • On newest laptop image, VIVED Anatomy or Chemistry cannot be licensed. Please see this article for workaround. (89)


  • Windows Updates may cause performance issues. Even Windows simply checking to see if updates are available and not downloading or installing any may cause decrease in performance on your PC. If you notice a stuttering in your tracking movement, reboot your computer.

zSpace Hardware



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