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This article lists most currently known issues for all applications supported on a zSpace system. Select an application to view specific known issues.


zSpace STEM Education

Common issues among all STEM applications

  • When searching for activities, you cannot use search characters such as '&'.
  • In some cases, user's cannot sign in as guest.
  • In very rare cases, a licensed application is becoming deactivated.

Curie's Elements

  • Activity: Don't be so electronegative, question #8. The pdf on the website states to answer this question with a photo. The activity is missing the option to answer question with photo.

Euclid's Shapes

  • When changing Activity Settings under Activity Builder, the category icons do not update. User must save and re-open activity for changes to take effect.
  • When creating or editing activities, Euclid's Shapes uses -1 to represent unlimited. All other applications use blank box.
  • Exported activities do not retain category and tile description.

Franklin's Lab

  • UI Elements in Franklin's Lab will not show up in display on zView.
  • When setting text size to Large, some radio buttons will overlap in Activity Guide.
  • If Home Menu Bar is set to the right side of the display, it will overlay when opening Workbench Menu.

Newton's Park

  • Hidden activities can be launched if link to activity has previously been created.
  • When editing activities, Deflector Block does not have lock size constraint like other objects in the ramp category.


  • Cannot import models.
  • Wildebeest model may not display correctly.
  • No export prompt when disconnected from EDU Server in Sandbox.
  • Some models may not dissect into as many pieces as previous releases.
  • Unable to create PDF at end of activity "The Guillotine and the Reign of Terror".
  • For Audio to work, headphones need to be plugged in
  • If headphones are plugged in after Studio has been launched, you will not hear any audio.

zSpace Utilities

App Manager

  • Currently no known issues

Configuration Check

  • Power management checks - A value of "-1" means the setting could not be read.
  • Some models of laptops without webcams are causing Configuration Check to exit without displaying results. This issue is still under investigation.
  • Internet connection is required to check for the most up to date versions of applications.

EDU Server and Teacher Dashboard

  • EDU Server will not reconnect in the case of network interruption
  • Searching in Teacher Dashboard for activities may give error message and not return any search results.
  • Importing accounts with same username but different capitalization is incorrectly allowed.
  • Large databases may still be slow when retrieving data via Teacher Dashboard

System Software

  • Windows 10 Fall Creator Update will not allow zSpace System Software to be installed.
  • If there is an secondary monitor connected to zSpace, it must be set to extended display or removed to install zSpace System Software. For assistance in changing resolutions, please see Managing multiple display configurations.
  • Users must unplug all USB devices from their zSpace 300 except the mouse and keyboard prior to installing 5.1.0 or newer zSpace System Software.
  • System Software cannot be installed over Remote Desktop Client.


  • With the new zSpace AIO, the default camera is the main front facing camera forward. The first step of running the zView camera setup wizard is to select your camera. Here you can select the Microsoft Life Cam. This is not an issue with the zSpace 300 as we hide that camera from the zView camera list.
  • Some web cameras, zView may flicker when using augmented reality mode. 
  • With the new zSpace AIO, the center camera on the zSpace is the first available webcam on the list. You will need to select your correct webcam you intend to use with zView.

Partner and 3rd Party

Human Anatomy Atlas 3D

  • License keys are version specific. Entering an annual license key into the perpetual version or entering perpetual license key into the annual version will activate the key but not activate the application.


VIVED Science


  • Windows Updates may cause performance issues. Even Windows simply checking to see if updates are available and not downloading or installing them may cause decrease in performance on your PC. If you notice a stuttering in your tracking movement, reboot your computer.

zSpace Hardware



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