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Not sure what comes with your zSpace AIO? This article lists all software titles and how the software can be obtained. Please note that even though software may be pre-installed, there still may be updates available for download.


Software Title Pre-installed on zSpace Install/Update through
App Manager
Install/Update through zSpace.com/downloads License Required
App Manager ✓**    
Configuration Check  
EDU Server      
Packager    ✓ ✓*** 
System Software ✓* ✓*   
TeamViewer Client      
zView   ✓ 
zSpace Education
Curie's Elements   ✓+
Euclid's Shapes   ✓+
Franklin's Lab   ✓+
Newton's Park   ✓+
Experiences   ✓+
Partner and 3rd Party
Human Anatomy Atlas 3D    ✓ ++
Labster Experiences  
Virtual ECG    
Virtual Auto Expert    
Virtual Auto Mechanic    
VIVED Anatomy    
VIVED Science  
VIVED Volume    ✓
Wave NG    ✓
Demos and Games
Let's Cook    
Missile Defense    
Planet Attack    
zSpace Introduction    

*App Manager can be updated by selecting Check for updates from within Help Menu.

**System Software for the zSpace AIO is available via App Manager. zSpace 100 and 200 System Software is available on zSpace.com/downloads.

***Packager requires a license for some features.

+ Collectively, these applications share a license file. If one of the Learning Applications are licensed, all of these applications will become licensed. In not all cases zSpace Experiences are provided a license with the Learning Applications.

++ Human Anatomy with Annual License is available from App Manager. For Perpetual Licenses or sales/internal use licenses, please see zSpace.com/downloads.



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