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zSpace uses TeamViewer version for remote assistance when needed. Prior to TeamViewer, you must first contact zSpace Customer Support via phone, chat, or email. Otherwise, your TeamViewer session may go un-responded to. This article explains how to use and access TeamViewer for zSpace.

Sometimes an issue cannot be described easily over the phone or by email. For this reason, zSpace places a TeamViewer client on all zSpace AIO systems which allows zSpace support, with permission, to remotely connect to the zSpace station, so zSpace Support can see first hand what the customer sees. To be able to support this, some locations may need to allow additional access. We understand not all locations can allow access for remote assistance.

  • Download TeamViewer by using your web browser and visiting Click the button in the middle of the screen, "Download TeamViewer" to download. TeamViewer should only take a few seconds to download. Once downloaded, locate the application and double-click to launch.
    • TV1.png
  1. Upon launching the application, the following window appears. Enter "Your name" into the text box.
    • tv2.png
  2. TeamViewer sends a notification to zSpace Customer Support letting us know a TeamViewer session is launched.
  3. zSpace Customer Support will then request to connect to your zSpace. When the following message is seen, click Allow.
    • tv3.png
  4. zSpace Customer Support now can access and control your zSpace as needed. This allows us to see directly what your zSpace is doing.
  5. You may notice a TeamViewer window open in the lower right hand side of the screen. This box contains a list of icons, from left to right, Video, Audio mode, Chat, File box, and Whiteboard. Generally none of these functions are used but the Chat option is convenient when you are not directly on the phone with zSpace Support Agent.
    • tv4.png


  1. When launching TeamViewer, you do not see the same image as shown in step 2 above. Instead, you get the below image.
  • TV5.png
  • Make sure the TeamViewer file name is correct. The file name must be TeamViewerQS_en-idc2d9yzms.exe. Downloading the file again will get you the correct file name.
  • Required ports or URLs are being blocked by your network Administrator. Please have your network Administrator open the required ports as outlined here.
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