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Virtual Auto Expert by GTAFE is a teaching system developed by Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd., which consists of 3D Resources, PPT Editor, Customized Courses, and My Course. Its VR images, integrated with 3D teaching resources such as PPT courseware, VR models, and flash, display complex structural principles in automotive teaching realistically. This strengthens classroom teaching in a comprehensive and attention-capturing manner, which leads to more effective teaching.

The 3D resource library includes 156 VR models, including a general introduction to the engine, crank and connecting rod mechanisms, valve mechanisms, engine supercharging system, cooling system, lubrication system, ignition system, engine start system, clutch, transmission, automotive drivetrain system, wheel and axle, suspension, automotive steering system, automotive brake system, and body-related electrical apparatuses.

The VR PPT editor with its comprehensive functions allows teachers to personalize their edits. Teachers can use the PPT editor to adjust and edit VR courseware, and supplement classroom teaching with an imported 3D resource library (flash, pictures, and videos), and export edited VR PPT courseware for others to use.

Product Features

  • Client-Server (C/S), Model-View-Controller (MVC), and Unity3D engine ensure the authenticity and stability of the simulation effect.
  • The teaching system can incorporate the zSpace hardware platform and a 3D projector to offer a 3D learning experience, which achieves better teaching results and engages interest in learning.
  • System modules include Customized Courses, PPT Editor, 3D Resources, and My Course.
    • Customized Courses: excellent VR courses and courseware can be customized to meet specific needs
    • PPT Editor: teachers can independently edit VR PPTs according to their own teaching objectives
    • 3D Resources: numerous VR resources
    • My Course: individual VR courses of teachers
  • The system can achieve a 3D effect and localization by means of 3D glasses.


You can determine which version you are licensed for by looking in the zSpace License Portal. Your license name will contain the version number in the name. Be sure to install the correct version for your licenses.

  • Auto Expert v2.1.1 - Available for download from the zSpace App Manager. 
  • Auto Expert v1.1.1
Please note that Automotive Expert version 2.0 is a paid upgrade from Automotive Expert 1.0. Your previous version 1.0 or 1.1 license key will not work with version 2.0.

User's Guide

GTAFE Virtual Automotive Expert User's Guide for v2.1.1

GTAFE Virtual Automotive Expert User's Guide for v1.1.1


GTA Auto Expert is now installed via App Manager. To install the latest version, please see zSpace App Manager user guide. For prior versions, please follow the below steps.

  1. Before installing the new version of the application, uninstall any existing versions manually.
  2. Download GTAFE Automotive Export from the above links.
  3. To run the installation, right-click on downloaded file and select Run as administrator. This will begin the installation. 
  4. If the warning 'Windows protected your PC' appears, click 'More Info' and then 'Run Anyway' to continue your installation. Agree to the terms in the End-User License Agreement, select the installation location, and click Install to complete the installation.
  5. Run the application by double-clicking the desktop icon.


GTAFE Virtual Auto Mechanic requires a license (product key) to use. Please contact zSpace Sales ( to purchase a license.


When licensing Virtual Automotive Expert for the first time, be sure to right-click on the shortcut and select Run as administrator. Application first launch will go to the Software License Registration page. Enter your license key (product key) and click activation license. The software license registration does require an active Internet Connection. After activating the license, copy the DeletePW.text file to a safe location where users cannot find or access it. 

After the software is licensed, a .txt file will be generated on the desktop, which contains the password for deleting customized courses. The administrator should keep this file securely. 


Users can find their license and version information at the bottom of the settings UI. In the license management section, users can also stop using the existing license.

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Select Deactivate License.
  3. Select yes to deactivate license.
  4. The license can now be used on another zSpace.


Release Information

Version 1.1

  • Release notes coming soon.

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release
  • Known Issues, Limitations, and Restrictions
    • After the software is registered, a TXT fill will be generated on the desktop which contains the password for deleting Customized Courses. The administrator should save this file securely.
    • The keyboard key V controls the VR-effect sharing windows and can be used for 3D projection.
    • Ordinary computers without a zSpace screen cannot have access to the 3D viewing interface and can only be used for course ware editing.
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