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From the VIVED Anatomy website:

Anatomy and Science for zSpace offers a high level of personal immersion, learning, and interactivity. Built upon the innovative zSpace virtual reality system, this turnkey solution provides users with an extraordinary experience. Perfect for education, government, and business applications.


VIVED Anatomy is now available at

Release Information

Version 5.3.50

  • Improvements and enhancements
    • Labels in a label match slide no longer get stuck when an incorrect match is made
    • Dicom viewer no longer remains permanently active once activated
    • zView skybox in Augmented Reality mode better matches what you see in VIVED Anatomy
  • Known Issues
    • Slides do not remember the state of the Dicom viewer when you store current view and then go from Author mode to Viewer mode
    • zView - UI appears to Augmented Reality mode

VIVED Anatomy how to

VIVED Learning has created a set of tutorial videos for VIVED Anatomy. Please see the following YouTube videos.

VIVED Anatomy installation instructions

We do not currently have separate instillation instructions for VIVED Anatomy. Please use the installation instructions for VIVED Science as the applications are nearly identical.

Please follow our guide here for installing the new VIVED Science .

How do I find my saved VIVED Session?

When you go to save a session, the default location will be C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\VIVED Anatomy Sessions. You can find your saved VIVED Science Sessions by:

  1. Open VIVED Anatomy menu.
  2. Click on Open Sessions.
  3. Click on VIVED Anatomy Sessions.
  4. Double-click on the session file you wish to open.
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