Customer Support Update - August 21, 2017

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zView Control/Use Changes

zView controls are now located ONLY in the zView application and no longer available in the learning applications.  Our zView article linked below will be updated to reflect the changes and how the applications look now.  You can however, use the section on the zView Toolbar to review the functions.  Please use the comments section to provide feedback.

zView Users Guide



Offline Repository 1.10

Version 1.10 of our offline repository is now posted on our downloads page. This repository includes all current zSpace App Manager updates.  Enjoy!!

You can download the repository at



New Recovery Image

A new recovery image is currently being created.  Once ready, this will be posted in the article zSpace 300 Wim Image process.  Please keep an eye on the downloads page for this update and reach out to support with questions on use.

This image will allow customers to set their systems back to the most current factory defaults.  Please note that this only works on Windows 10 systems and restores to Creators update 1703.


zSpace App Manager and Windows Updates

We have seen some instances where Windows update causes the system and bandwidth to slow down enough that App Manager will encounter errors when downloading or installing packages.  Prior to performing App Manager updates, please check for Windows updates first and complete those prior to running updates in App Manager. 



VIVED vs. Cyber Science Sessions

You may notice that both VIVED Sessions and Cyber Science Sessions both are present in App Manager. Please make sure both are installed in your system if you are using VIVED Science.  With the latest version of VIVED Science, the workflow has changed in how sessions are opened and saved.  For more detailed information, please review the VIVED Science by Vived Learning Release article.  For new installs, only Vived Sessions will be available.

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