zView - Connecting to a DSLR Camera

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This article will walk you through the process of connecting a DSLR camera for use with zView. This process requires using 3rd party products which are not endorsed or supported by zSpace, Inc. All licensing and trademarks are handled by the respective companies.


  1. Connect camera to zSpace using compatible cord. For our camera, Canon 6D, we used an USB to mini-USB cable.
  2. Download appropriate application to use DSLR camera as a webcam. For the purpose of this demo, we used SparkoCam.
  3. Open SparkoCam.
    • image3.jpg
  4. Your camera will be displayed in SparkoCam. If needed, select your camera from the drop down list.
    • image4a.jpg
  5. Move the SparkoCam window to your secondary display.
  6. Launch zView.
  7. Follow the steps outlined in the zView installation guide under Augmented Reality setup. Instead of selecting the webcam model you will select "SparkoCam Video" as the camera model.
  8. After the zView setup process is completed, your DSLR camera can be used with any application which is supported by zView.

Additional Notes

  • If you are using SparkoCam, must purchase a license to remove “sparkosoft.com” watermark from demo.
  • Camera settings, including focus, exposure, and color, must be set in camera PRIOR to recording.





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