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The Professional Development Online Program ( provides a variety of courses designed to help educators take full advantage of their zSpace systems. There is no cost to take the courses, but users are required to sign into the website. At this time, zSpace provides 13 courses that take about 8 hours to complete. This article identifies the estimated time to complete each course:  

Getting Started

Prepare yourself to use a zSpace effectively. These courses will explain the basics, from turning on the zSpace, to signing in and opening applications, to interacting with content in zSpace. When you have completed this level, continue with the “First Day with zSpace” course.

  • 2 courses - 30 minutes Per Class
    • How to Setup Your zSpace
    • The Basics Of zSpace

Choosing a Learning Application

Focus on building skills at the application level, choosing the ones most applicable for your content area. Each app has its own training pathway that includes teacher tips. After watching a video, you will put your new knowledge to work through an exploration on your zSpace. Beginning with the basics, you will build your knowledge of each of the different applications

  • 9 courses - 20 - 45 minutes Per Class
    • zSpace Studio
    • Leopoly
    • Euclid’s Shapes
    • Newton’s Park
    • Franklin’s Lab
    • Human Anatomy Atlas
    • Cyber/Vived Science 3D
    • Curie’s Elements

Teaching With zSpace

Bring zSpace into your classroom! These courses will help you make meaningful connections to your curriculum with zSpace from your students’ first day with zSpace onward.

  • 2 courses - 20 minutes per class
    • How to prepare for your first day with zSpace
    • Tips for using online resources
    • Goals for helping students use zSpace

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