Customer Support Update - June 19, 2017

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Retrieving Licenses from zSpace Applications

Please remember that it is possible to retrieve licenses directly through the without assistance from Customer Support.  Please review the below article for information on retrieving licenses from zSpace applications. Retrieval or "deactivation" is required when replacing a system, re-imaging a system or changing keys.

For other applications, please contact zSpace Customer Support.

License Manager - Deactivating zSpace applications



New page

We have updated the downloads page on the zSpace site to give people clearer direction on application download or install locations. We hope you find this valuable.


Summer Updates

Please take note that the summer updates have begun to roll out and your zSpace App Manager will need to be updated along with applications that get installed from App Manager. There are also updates to applications that run from standalone installers so please check the version numbers on things like Human Anatomy Atlas and Virtual ECG on our page.

Updating zSpace STEM Applications

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