Customer Support Update - May 22, 2017

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We have a couple of announcements this week. Please see the items below and as always, comments are welcome.

Need Stylus Replacement? Here's how

Tips for contacting zSpace Customer Support


Do you need a replacement stylus?


If you are having stylus issues and feel that the unit may need to be replaced, please check the following prior to contacting zSpace Support as these are steps needed to ensure the stylus issue is indeed hardware related.

  • Power down your machine and remove power from the back of the zSpace for 30 seconds.  Reconnect power, boot into Windows and run a test using a zSpace application.
  • Run the Stylus Tracking Test as outlined in the linked article.
  • Our zSpace Configuration Check may be requested by the Customer Support Engineer to help troubleshoot possible issues with incorrect drivers, system updates.

Another helpful article is our Tracking and how it all works.  This doesn't have specific troubleshooting, but will show how light sources can affect things like the stylus or glasses tracking.

If the stylus is still not working after completing the basic tests, please contact support and be ready to provide the following:

  • zSpace system serial number
  • Stylus serial number
  • Shipping and Contact information

A zSpace Customer Support Engineer will need this information to verify warranty status and to complete any replacement order.


Tips for contacting zSpace Customer Support

When contacting zSpace Customer Support, whether over email, a phone call, chat or the online form, there are a few things that can create a quick and successful support experience:

  • zSpace serial number. Even if the call is in reference to glasses, a stylus, or to find license keys, the serial number allows us to quickly look up your system information.  For information on where to locate the serial number, please review our zSpace 300 hardware components article.
  • The ship to address when requesting a repair or replacement.
  • For licenses, the designated software contact name and email are optional, but helpful.

Providing or having this information ready can greatly reduce Customer Support time searching for information related to the account, device or licensing, thus providing a better overall experience.


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