EDU Server and the Teacher Dashboard User Guide

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Read about upcoming changes to zSpace EDU Server and Teacher Dashboard. Current users of EDU Server need to export their activities.


This article is designed to educate and support teachers in the setup and use of EDU Server and Teacher Dashboard (formally AnswerWeb). While a system administrator may find benefit from this article, they will find a more comprehensive setup guide here: STEM Lab Installers Guide


zSpace Education Server (or EDU Server)

The zSpace EDU Server is most commonly run from a designated teacher zSpace station. This is simply a zSpace station that is located where the teacher can use it for instruction. Installing to the designated Teacher Station allows the teacher to create, modify and publish activities to the Student Stations.

The server is accessed while using zSpace STEM applications or the zSpace Teacher Dashboard.

Running the zSpace EDU Server executable installs two applications made to work in conjunction with each other. The first and core part is the EDU Server and the second part is the Teacher Dashboard.

Teacher Dashboard (formerly AnswerWeb)

The Teacher Dashboard, sometimes referred to as the Teacher Website, is a browser-based application that provides access to student answers and account management tools, including account creation, account type, and password management.

When students complete zSpace STEM activities, it is possible for them to submit their answers electronically, however, this may not be recommended based on your use case. See additional details in the Recommended Use section.

Tip: Use the teacher-designated zSpace for zView so the teacher has easy access to both zView and the Teacher Dashboard on the same zSpace.


The EDU Server is pre-installed on STEM Teacher PCs, but not pre-installed on zSpace 300 or zSpace AIO systems.

To verify if the EDU Server is already installed and running on a specific zSpace system, you can perform the following steps:

  • On a Windows 8.1 or 10 machine, right-click the Windows Start icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Find and click on Task Manager. A new window will appear.
  • If the Window has an option for More Details, click on this text to expand the information.
  • Locate and click on the Services tab.
  • Find under the Name, zSpace Edu Server. If you see the service, it means EDU Server is installed.
  • Also, check the status. If the Status is "Running", that means it is also operating properly.Task Manager open showing zSpace Edu Server
  • If the EDU Server is Stopped, that means it is not running correctly. Right-click on it and select Start. If the server does not start please take a look at the article here.

If you do not see the service, it is very likely that EDU Server is not installed.

  • Close this window and again, right-click on the Windows Start icon.
  • Find and click Programs and Features.
  • Find zSpace Education Server. If you see this name, then EDU Server is installed, but for some reason not running. Please contact zSpace Customer Support.Windows Programs and Features

If you do not see the application under Programs and Features, then you can download and install the EDU Server from For information on the EDU Server Release and installation instructions, click here.

Both EDU Server and the Teacher Dashboard applications install simultaneously when you run the zSpaceEdu-ServerInstall installation executable.

Once installed, the EDU Server runs as a Windows Service while the Teacher Dashboard is an Admin/Teacher interface that gets accessed via web browser



Installation Guide

Install EDU Server and the Teacher Dashboard by running the zSpaceEdu-ServerInstall file and selecting all default options. You will need to install IIS 8.0 web service to complete the installation. This install runs within the EDU Server install package as a dependency.

Tip: We recommend that the designated Teacher Station is assigned a static IP address to avoid connection issues.

All Student Stations and the Teacher Station need to be connected to the same network subnet. EDU Server also uses Bonjour to allow server auto discovery. If this service is not allowed, manually entering the EDU Server IP address will be required to connect.

Details on required ports for EDU Server communication listed in the support article here.

Details on the install of EDU Server are found in Step 4: Set up Teacher Station in the STEM Installers Guide.

Recommended Use

zSpace recommends students use the built in “Guest” account on all Student Stations and submit their work via the save as pdf method. This file can then be emailed, saved to a local drive, mapped drive or Google Drive for submission to the instructor.

Using this method eliminates the need for each student to have their own login for the zSpace applications and cut down on unnecessary user management which can cut into instruction time.

While the EDU Server allows a student to send their completed work to the teacher, there is currently no ability for the teacher to return that work without themselves saving as pdf or printing, so the benefit may not outweigh the extra setup.

Your use case may warrant additional discussion, so please contact zSpace Customer Support or Professional Development for more details.

You can designate one or more zSpace stations to run the zSpace Teacher Station. However, we recommend only one zSpace station is configured to run the Teacher Station to eliminate confusion and the need for account creation for each station.

Account Creation and Access for Activity Creation

At least one Teacher Account will be needed for activity creation or modification. Students do not require their own login and can use the built in “Guest” account on the Student Stations. There are exceptions based on use scenario. Please contact zSpace support or Professional Development for additional details.

Tip: Logging in as an Admin only allows password resets and not account creation.

Please follow the steps outlined here for creating a Teacher Account.

Accessing the zSpace Teacher Dashboard

The zSpace Teacher Dashboard can be accessed one of several ways:

  • On the PC which is running zSpace EDU Server, open the web browser and enter the URL: http://localhost:4000/#



  • On any PC which is on the same network as the zSpace EDU Server, open your web browser and enter the URL: http://<YourIPAddress>:4000/#

<YourIPAddress> is the IP address of your EDU Server

  • The computer IP address can be located in multiple ways. If you need assistance finding the IP address of your EDU Server, please contact your local IT or contact zSpace support.

Connecting Apps to EDU Server

The zSpace applications listed below can connect to the EDU Server using the settings menu in the application.

  • zSpace Studio
  • zSpace Newton's Park
  • zSpace Franklin's Lab
  • zSpace Euclid's Shapes

Details on the connecting of zSpace applications to the EDU Server can be found in the Connect to the Teacher Station in the STEM Lab Installers Guide.

Additional Features

zSpace STEM applications are designed to work in a classroom setting and allow students to run selected activities. The Teacher Station can be a storage system for these activities. Students can load an activity from the Teacher Station and save their progress back to the Teacher Station as they complete the activity. Upon completing the activity, students can submit their completed activity to the teacher.

After students have submitted their results, the teacher can log into the Teacher Dashboard to view completed work and to view, export and print the students’ answers.

The recommended solution for ease of use reasons. Managing the Student accounts is a manual process at this time and we recommend the scenario outlined in the “Recommended Use” section above instead. Please contact zSpace Support or Professional Development for more details.

Directory Server or Domain Login

The zSpace applications do not support Directory or Domain login at this time.

Creating teacher accounts

If you have determined you will want to create individual accounts within the Teacher Dashboard, please follow the steps in this section.

Before you can import accounts or create any student accounts, you will first need to create a teacher account.

  • Access the zSpace Teacher Dashboard.
  • Select Create Account.


Enter the following information (* denotes required field):

  • Username*
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Password*
  • Confirm Password*
  • Administrator security code* (If you do not know the Administrator security code, please contact zSpace Customer Support)


  • Click Submit

The new teacher account will now be created and can be used to log in.

Create new student or teacher account

Both student and teacher accounts can be created while logged into the Teacher Dashboard

  • Log into the Teacher Dashboard as a teacher
  • Select Accounts along the top menu bar
  • Select New Account.
  • Enter the following information (* denotes required field):
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Username*
    • Account Type*


  • Select Create Account
Tip: The first time the new student logs in they will be prompted to create a password.

Importing Accounts

You can create accounts by importing account details using a comma-delimited file (.csv). To import logins from a .csv, or comma-separated file, follow these steps:

Create an Excel spreadsheet in the format of the sample file. See the following example.

Note: Alternatively, you can edit the Sample.csv file, located in C:\zSpace\EduServer.

The example in Excel:


  • In Excel, select File -> Save As from the menu. In the Save As dialog, select CSV (comma delimited) file type.
  • Click Save. On the warning dialog that appears, click Yes.
  • Open the Teacher Dashboard on a teacher station. By default, the Teacher Dashboard should be bookmarked in your browser and setup as a shortcut on your Windows Desktop. If not, the site can be accessed by entering the URL http://localhost:4000 on the machine where the EDU Server is installed.
  • Login as a teacher level account. If no teacher is created, you will need to create a new account using the Create Account link.
  • Once logged in, click on Accounts in the Teacher Dashboard menu bar.
  • Click on the Import Accounts button.
  • In the dialog that appears, select the CSV file you saved in step 2. Click on Open.
  • The Accounts page will refresh when the file is loaded. Depending on the number of accounts, this may take a few minutes. For example, importing 5000 accounts will take about 25 minutes.
  • To complete the import process, click on the Import button one more time.
Tip: The import process does not create passwords. When users log into the STEM applications for the first time, they are prompted to create their passwords. They can also leave the passwords blank if desired.

This information can also be found in the STEM Lab Installer's Guide.

The example in Notepad for those editing the file outside of Excel:


Deleting accounts

Accounts can only be deleted when using the Teacher Dashboard and logged in using a teacher account

  1. Log into the Teacher Dashboard using your teacher account.
  2. Click the Accounts link along the top menu.
  3. Check the check box all the top of the list. Checking this will check all accounts.
    • AW1.png
  4. Select the Edit button. This will open a new page.
    • AW2.png
  5. Under the delete column, check the box for each account you want to delete.
  6. Click submit. This this delete each account checked without confirmation.

First Time Logging into STEM Applications

Teacher Login

When a teacher account is created, they are assigned a password. The teacher will simply enter both their username and their password when prompted in the application.

If the machine is also used as a student machine, don't forget to log out or the next user could enter the application as the entered user.

Student Login

The first time a student uses their username to login, they will leave the password field blank since this is not yet set for them. When they click the login, the system will ask them to enter a password twice.

If a student user forgets the password they have set, they will need to get their password reset by a Teacher or Admin.


The more common issues are connection issues between the Teacher Station and Student Stations, login issues for students and forgotten passwords.

Below you will find some basic tips to assist in these areas.

Connection with Teacher Station

If a Student Station is showing as “Offline”, this is in reference to the machine's connection to the Teacher Station, and not the internet or local network. This could be caused by a change in IP address for the Teacher Station or possibly another network related issue.

Try going to the application settings and selecting the Teacher Station again for your connection.

Connect to Teacher Station showing old PC Name

When changing the PC Name of the Teacher Station and attempting to reconnect the stations to the EDU Server, the PC Name listed shows the original name.  EDU Server will first use the Computer Description first and then the PC Name.  Therefore, if the Computer Description is populated, it will retain that name.  To check, please use the following steps:

  • Click the Start Windows icon.
  • Select Settings ->System->About
  • In the right hand under "Related Settings", select System Info
  • See if the Computer Description is populated.  If so, use the Change Settings to either remove the description or modify it appropriately.
  • Exit out and your name should now show up properly.

Login Issues

Nearly all login issues are caused by either a forgotten password or a lost connection to the Teacher Station.

If a student has forgotten their password, you can reset it via the Teacher Dashboard on the Teacher Station.

Please visit, contact your local IT or zSpace Support if further assistance is needed.

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