Windows 10 Creators Update

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During the week of April 10, 2017, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update.  This update is a significant software update to Windows 10 and can take around 30-60 minutes depending on your network bandwidth. 

zSpace has not identified any issues with this update and our zSpace systems/applications.  If you are performing any updates or changes, they should use the same instructions designed for Windows 10 Anniversary update. 

The Windows 10 Creators Update version is 1703 (build #15063) and can be identified by clicking the Windows Start button -> Settings -> System -> About. See picture below:


NOTE:  Depending on how your zSpace systems are configured, Windows may download the update at any time which could impact performance.  Please consult with your IT team to mitigate any potential issues while school is in session.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact zSpace Customer Support.

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